At work, we have been hearing about one thing for several days - who, with whom and where is going for a picnic. Are you fed up with this too? You're not alone! Even if you don't have a lifetime in your itinerary, check out our suggestions :)

1. We disenchant the rainy aura

The weather this spring does not spoil us. Is it going to go out of town? Choose a design with waterproof elements - rubber boots are necessary, an umbrella will also be useful. For this, of course, a comfortable jacket with a hood and - not to be gloomy - bright, energetic colors.

In such a set, you will not be afraid of any blows! Shades of pink and orange will make you jump through puddles despite the bad weather. You do not believe - check for yourself, color has power :)

2. Something for townspeople;)

Are you staying in town? Why not, there's always something going on there. Our proposal is styling for the cinema or for another trip with friends.

Regular jeans and a t-shirt are enough, because the main accent is a bomber made of soft, plush fabric. Choose a few accessories in pastel colors - we chose a unicorn-shaped handbag, pastel sneakers and a baby blue watch.

The whole thing is delicate and girlish, perfect for spring.

3. Day-off

The last suggestion is our favorite. A bit with a pinch of salt, but each of us deserves Lenia's Day from time to time.

On this day, we put on a delicate, pastel tracksuit, like our COZY Polypody sweatshirt and Adventure Hunter pants. Then we make delicious coffee, hot chocolate or our favorite tea and spend time with a book in bed or in a comfortable armchair. Best of course under a blanket. Socks with a funny pattern and flip-flops with fluffy fur will be perfect on such days. And for the evening we propose a good series - our choice fell on "The Boss". Remember - laziness is fun (but like everything - in moderation).

% m% d,% r — Marketing Naoko