Autumn is probably associated with gray, mildew and autumn depression. Nevertheless, autumn fashion meets these associations and tries to color the cloudy days. The bold colors that countless designers have presented on the catwalks will also be in fashion in the 2021/2022 season. Nevertheless, there will also be suggestions for people who do not feel comfortable enough in intense shades. Many neutral colors have not gone out of style for years. When looking at the color suggestions for the fall-winter season, it is worth remembering that the most important thing is to choose clothes in shades that we like and those in which we feel good. Even if we choose a coat in the most fashionable shade, it will not give us pleasure if we do not like it. So in our autumn proposals, let's choose something perfect for ourselves.

Max Mara Fall Collection 2021

Fashionable colors fall winter 2021

Designers presented their autumn proposals in many colors, often in total looks - styling in one color from head to toe, but also combining intense and intense colors with neutral ones. So let's see what fashionable colors fall winter 2021 appeared on the catwalks this year.

Green for fall

Green, or bottle green, which has been popular for some time, was a very common color among the designers' proposals. It's a color more associated with spring, but it will take over the streets this fall. The fashionable colors of this fall are not only the typical shades of falling leaves, as we will see. We can choose colors that are not associated with autumn, and will introduce some additional colors to cloudy days and will act as a lure for good weather.

This season, green appeared on the catwalks in styling accents - as shoes, handbag or headscarf, but also in total looks - for example with green coat . Green was shown, for example, by Miu Miu, Max Mara and Calvin Luo. Intense and bottle-green shades of green are the fashionable colors of fall winter 2021, and they look best with gold and red. In more elegant styles, we can combine them with black, navy blue or dark brown.

Green suggestions for fall from Naoko are for example Morning Hills Long Sweatshirt or Night in the Woods Patchwork Coat .

Longchamp collection fall 2021

Pink for fall

Another fashionable color this fall is definitely pink! It appeared on the catwalks in two main variants - as a powder pink and in a shade of fuchsia, so every pink fan will find something for themselves. It is also a color that we associate more with spring and summer, but it will work best in autumn. It appeared under brand names such as Longchamp, Acne and Thebe Magugu. The pink color will work both on coats, sweaters and sweatshirts, but also evening dresses during special occasions this fall. You can combine fuchsia with other vivid colors like green or yellow, or with something more subdued - for example maroon. Powder pink will work well with red, black and gold. It can be styled both in elegant and girly styles, but with bold black accessories we can create a great grunge look. This fall, let's put on roses - the brave and the feminine ones!

Naoko's pink suggestions for fall include Spice It Up Cardigan or Parka Pin Jacket k Aura .

Chanel collection fall 2021

Blue for fall

Another non-obvious proposition of a fashionable color autumn winter 2021 will be blue. Many shades of blue have appeared on the catwalks, from light through cobalt to dark navy blue. Thanks to this, each of us can easily find the perfect shade of blue for ourselves - we can choose a warmer or colder shade. If we think about autumn colors, blue probably does not come to our mind, but we should give it a chance. Blue will work well in coats and dresses and accessories. Nevertheless, this color will also work well on pants and jackets - after all, it is the perfect choice for work or school. The blue color on the catwalks appeared in Chanel, Thebe Magugu and Dior. This color will suit many styles - we can choose elegance and combine it with black, white or brown. Works well with vivid colors like yellow, red and orange. Let's add some sparkle to the dark blue and it will be a perfect outfit for parties and parties.

The fall suggestions from Naoko in blue are, for example, Forever in Love combined fabric coat or Bomber jacket Warm Wishes .

Timeless fall colors

There are, however, autumn colors that will prove themselves reliably every year. These are the colors that we immediately associate with this season of the year - red, brown, orange and nude. This season, too, we've seen tons of designer propositions in these shades.

Victoria Beckham collection fall 2021

Red for fall

One of the standout colors for fall this year is red. It is a beautiful fall color that will go well with most shades - black, orange, browns and greens. They appeared on the catwalks as dresses, coats or accessories, for example from Victoria Beckham, Louis Vuitton or Uma Wang. They were presented in red total looks or with pink, gray, white accessories and many others. If you want to know more about it, be sure to check out our article How to wear a red dress . It is important to choose the right shade of red for our beauty - warm or cold. All shades of red are definitely colors for fall, but warm shades will reign, and cold ones in winter. The red dress will be the perfect choice for autumn parties, but also for autumn walks surrounded by falling leaves.

Red suggestions for fall from Naoko are for example Feel the Music patchwork coat or Boho dress with a Flames frill of Love .

Max Mara Fall Collection 2021

Neutral colors for fall

Beige, brown, caramel and everything in between are the perfect shades for fall that never go out of style. They will suit many types of beauty and virtually any other color. We can combine them with typical fall colors like red or orange, but also with something more colorful - for example blue or green. It is worth having a coat in this color, thanks to which it will be completely universal and suitable for every styling. Autumn neutral colors appeared on the catwalk under names like Max Mara, Civindi and Calcaterra. We often see these tones in total looks and this is a trend that we can easily transfer from the catwalks to the street, because neutral colors are the best choice for total looks. We can brighten them up with a unique accessory, for example a colorful handbag.We will charm everyone at a party, in the city or during an autumn walk

with this stylization

Naoko's suggestions in neutral colors include Abstract Love Classic Coat and Long Slit Sand Dunes Dress .

Collection Colors of Change by Naoko

Fashion Fall Winter 2021 - our proposals

Fashion Fall Winter 2021 at Naoko is the Fall Colors of Change collection and upcoming winter collections, as well as returns of best-selling products from recent years. We have prepared many proposals for you in the most fashionable colors of the season, as well as universal clothes that will serve you for years, for many seasons and will not go out of fashion for a long time. If you are wondering what should appear in your wardrobe fashionable for fall, we are here to help. Here's the Fall Winter 2021 Fashion by Naoko.

This fall at Naoko you will find fashionable cardigans, both long and short sweaters. You can choose, for example, the universal cream, fashionable powder pink, as well as a very popular shade of green this season - olive Autumn Sound Cardigan . They will be perfect choices for autumn dresses, but also for comfortable trousers, and you can use short cardigans under a coat.

At Naoko you will find all kinds of autumn colors, clothes that will brighten even the most cloudy days and accessories that will beautify every stylization. Autumn dresses in the colors of the leaves will check perfect for autumn walks and all other occasions, but in Naoko's collections you will also find more universal patterns. You will also find dresses in black shades, which also made a comeback this fall. For example, monochrome black styling is fashionable, but also in very dark brown colors. For the dress, you can choose a cardigan or one of our coats, for example Precious Moments patchwork coat in a fashionable olive shade. A fashionable bomber or parka jacket will also be a good choice. Fall winter 2021 fashion is also jeans, so consider choosing a denim jacket in a larger size and wearing warm sweatshirts , for example Naokogirls favorites - Sweatshirts Hoodie Lost Treasure .

The perfect choice for fall will be oversize shirt , which will be perfect for both casual styling and work. In the Colors of Change collection you will find fashionable women's shirts - black and white, for example the classic Live in the Moment . For a shirt, in addition to a jacket, for example, Perfect Evening Long Vest , which can be worn on practically anything and insulate your outfit.

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