Did you know that on May 26 Mother's Day is celebrated only in Poland? In most countries it is celebrated on the first or second Sunday of May. Regardless of the date of the celebration - May is the month when many of us are looking for the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Discover 5 ideas for a Mother's Day gift from NAOKO!

Mother's Day gifts - 5 ideas

The most important gift for Mother's Day is your time, conversation, good relationship. However, if you want the most important person in your world to get a unique souvenir - we have 5 suggestions for Mother's Day gifts for you.

A gift for a mom who has everything

When looking for gift ideas, we most often come across inspirational sets ideas for a Christmas gift . And while some of the suggestions are universal, in this article we will tell you about dedicated Mother's Day gift ideas.

Remember that every mom will be pleased to get some nice little thing, but this is not the most important thing. What is most precious to your mother is your time. It is worth spending this day together, silencing the phone for an hour or two and having dinner together, going for a walk or to the cinema. Going out to the beautician? Great idea! They are looking for an answer to the question what gift we give for Mother's Day, think about the most important trait of your mother. Certainly unique is the courage that accompanies her throughout her life. If you think that your mother is the bravest woman in the world - jump with a parachute. Amazing experience and adrenaline guaranteed;) Of course, if you prefer more classic ways to spend time together, a bike trip outside the city is also a great idea for what gift for Mother's Day to choose.

What to buy for Mother's Day?

If, apart from spending time together, you think about giving your mom something special, get inspired by our ideas. Which Mother's Day gift to choose is a particularly important issue for us.

An original gift for mom - delicate jewelery

If your mother likes delicate accessories and accessories , she will surely be pleased with the original bouquet of beautiful roses or subtle jewelry. A gold-plated necklace will surely please her a lot and will be a memento for a lifetime. Bet on a pattern that will remind Mom about you - maybe a mountain theme that will become a symbol of your relationship or planned trips?

An unusual gift for mom - warmth of a hat and a scarf

May is usually sunny and this month we do not think about the upcoming autumn and winter. A unique, though unusual gift for a mother will be a set for a real deceased - hat and scarf . Such a warm, unusual gift for mum will emphasize the warmth of your relationship.

What a gift for Mother's Day? The original


Staying on the topic of warmth - a sweater is a universal, classic gift that every mom will appreciate. If you are wondering what to choose for a Mother's Day gift - choose an enveloping cardigan. A great choice is a sweater in an energetic color, which will be perfect for cooler spring evenings, and in winter it will enhance any styling.

A gift for mum from a daughter

As a daughter, are you looking for a really special surprise? Get to know our inspirations for a good gift for mother from a daughter - a dress or a skirt.After all, who if not you will know better how to emphasize your mother's femininity?

Gift dresses and skirts for Mom

How to choose dresses and skirts as a gift for mom? It's best to combine shopping with spending time together! Go shopping together or choose a gift for Mother's Day online, drinking coffee and talking. In this way, you will give your mother your time as a gift and an unusual, practical souvenir, which she will gladly put on for a family celebration or wedding. Get inspired by our ideas from the article Wedding dress - 7 different styles .

A gift for mum from children

It's good, if a gift for a mum from a child is not just another souvenir that you put away in the wardrobe, it will start collecting dust after a while. Therefore, we assume that the best gift for a mother from a child is beautiful and useful!

A practical gift for mom - T-shirts and shirts

Such a gift for mom are full of saturated colors and original patterns T-shirts and shirts . It is a gift that will bring good energy, a lot of joy and will remind you of this special day every day.

DIY Mother's Day gifts

DIY gifts are especially touching, because the recipient may appreciate not only a thing, but also your dedication, time and creativity. How to make a gift for Mother's Day. On the Internet you will find a lot of tutorials on handmade cosmetics, unique candles or macramé. However, the most important thing is not to forget about the most important thing when looking for an answer to the question of how to make a gift for Mother's Day. To create and give gifts with love.

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