Christmas is just around the corner ... and no gift? It is high time to catch up and quickly look for the perfect gift for a person close to our heart. We are well aware that this is a difficult task, so we rush to you with our gift guide. Check what is worth buying in the range from 50 to 250 PLN. We are convinced that each of you will find something for yourself here.

Christmas gift up to PLN 50

Even small gifts are important when we give them from the heart. If your sister or friend appreciates a minimalist style, and at the same time likes to experiment with accessories, the ACCESSORIES tab will be a bull's eye! > This is where you will find multicolored hair scrunchies and socks with the motif of little super-heroines ... Powerpuff Girls! These are small details, but they can add character to any styling and make each casual look unique. And if one scrunch isn't enough, don't forget that full sets are waiting here!

Christmas gift up to PLN 100

How to prepare well for winter? A warm hat will be an absolute must! Especially if the person close to your heart is cold ... You have a full range of possibilities to choose from! Among our types you will find the Powerpuff Girls Fresh Orange Cap, which will be the best choice for colorful souls. The energetic color and pattern with the Powerpuff Girls is a perfect combination that will improve your mood even on the gloomiest day. And for fans of minimalism? A warm, thick winter hat Nightfall with a pompom will be perfect. Deep black and classic form will make the hat a universal addition to any winter styling.

A Christmas present up to PLN 150

One of the most successful gifts is jewelry. This subtle accessory can emphasize any stylization and add a bit of femininity. What's more, jewelry is a good gift idea, regardless of the age of the recipient. Our type? Definitely necklaces that were prepared by the KULKA jewelery factory in Łódź. Made by hand from the highest quality, anti-allergic stainless steel, which is gold-plated with 24-carat gold. Each of the necklaces has a pendant and an accessory - a natural African turquoise, which looks like a globe. This stone is considered a talisman of travelers, strengthening courage and intuition during expeditions. Each necklace comes with a small booklet with a description of all the stones.

Christmas gift up to PLN 200

The perfect outfit for an evening movie screening? Definitely pajamas that are not only extremely comfortable, but also feminine. Non-obvious color and eye-catching print will make it a perfect gift for a person who appreciates a stylish look at any time of the day or night. You can choose from: short pajamas with shorts and a delicate blouse with thin straps and long pajamas with loose-cut trousers and a long-sleeved shirt. You can choose the perfect bathrobe for each of them. Simple!

Christmas gift up to PLN 250

We love warm and cozy sweaters! If there is a person among your loved ones who absolutely does not like to freeze, a thick sweater will be the perfect gift for her.Our first proposal is the Powerpuff Electric Pink cardigan, which is an irreplaceable boost of energy even in the gloomiest aura! Colorful buttons and a deep shade will make the gift an original gift for every woman who appreciates eye-catching styles! The second option is a thick Spice It Up sweater, which will allow you to warm up on cold days, and its oversize cut fits most shapes

And if you belong to undecided people, the most appropriate gift will be a gift card, the value of which starts at PLN 100. More about gift ideas here:

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