Autumn is inevitable. The evenings are getting longer and we immediately want to jump into a comfortable and warm sweatshirt. It will not be another boring post dedicated to polite stylizations at the beginning of the year. We have prepared a few youth looks for you that will allow you to say goodbye to summer airy dresses and denim shorts without any regrets. The upcoming season will allow us more styling craze, we can finally put on more layers!

The first styling is for those of you who like sweet and girly colors, but still have a strong character and are able to show their claws. #GIRLPOWER sweatshirt was created with you in mind. We chose casual boyfriend jeans and a jacket in the same shade of blue to create a denim uniform. Plus a few crazy extras like a shiny silver backpack with patches and a cap with an embroidered statement.

You also like us, that as soon as you feel the arrival of cool evenings, do you want to wrap yourself in a blanket and fall into winter sleep? An alternative that allows you to leave the house are comfortable hooded sweatshirts. If you are not the "tracksuit" type and you do not like excessively sporty styling, wear motorcycle boots, tight black tubes and a biker jacket. You will look super stylish in such a set - after all, this is a set that has been tested by most top models. In the version with sneakers, it is perfect for school or university. And for an afternoon outing with friends, put on black glasses and paint your lips - you will create a nonchalant but expressive look that is difficult to pass by indifferently.

For those with a rock soul, we have a truly grunge set. Even the simplest white t-shirt in combination with a motorcycle jacket becomes a stylish accessory. Especially now, when each of us expresses our own views wearing T-shirts with slogans. We combined it with sweatpants with the imprint "Strong is the new pretty", it is finally a set for strong women. For this heavy boots and no one will jump :)

The beginning of the school year is associated with returning to physical education lessons. For those who do not have to go to physical education anymore, we suggest getting in shape at the gym in autumn. After summer travels, we do not give up and we exercise to the fullest. Being fit is on top all year round. The sets prepared by us will prove themselves not only during exercises. After all, in tracksuits you can run around the city all day (after class, of course).

We hope you like our styles. Most of the selected clothes are now on sale, this is the last chance to start the school year not only stylishly but also economically :)

% m% d,% r — Marketing Naoko