The end of the school year is already this Friday. Together with him, we are starting the holiday travel season in full swing. Surely, just like us, you already have vacation plans.

Each of us would like to capture the best moments, but you know how it is with photos - sometimes they come out better, sometimes worse. That is why we wanted to share with you our way of one-of-a-kind holiday photos. Don't worry - it won't be another guide like "how to take a perfect selfie?", But our photos are also perfect for Instagram;)

First of all, we have to find a unique scenery, one that will remind us of wonderful holiday moments in a few months. For some it will be a view of an ancient Italian town, for others a field of red poppies.

If you already have your perfect spot, stand with your back to the lens, take a deep breath ... and breathe the wild air. Raise your hands soaking up this wonderful, one-of-a-kind moment! Remember not to slouch and pull in your abdominal muscles, your silhouette will then look better. You can also add a few centimeters to yourself by climbing on your toes. Also, remember not to take photos against the light, unless you really can not do otherwise;)

It does not matter what you are wearing. Our clothes have something that makes them perfect for photos. Of course, I'm talking about prints on the back. Traveling phrases such as "Adventure Hunter" add character to holiday photos.

You can choose from a lot of slogans, longer or shorter, on sweatshirts, pants or jackets. However, if you prefer more feminine stylizations, our airy dresses will be perfect. The delicate, printed chiffon looks amazing in a windswept seaside promenade, and the slits on the shoulders show off your tanned, shapely shoulders.

If you value comfort above all else, choose a sweatshirt with a print on the back. You can choose between Cold Shoulders (Paula Jagodzińska's choice) and the oversize Longline Hoodie. Both are available in several shades, there will be something for delicate blondes as well as for expressive brunettes.

Posing a'la NAOKO has many advantages. The most important thing is that we don't have to worry about the lack of makeup, after all, it's vacation, it's a waste of time for such crap;) Instead of sitting in front of the mirror from the morning, better use this time for an extra few minutes of walking.

And as soon as you come back from vacation - choose your favorite photos and print. Taking photos that will stay only on your phone, disk or in the cloud is pointless. It is much better to put your favorite photo in a frame on the desk or attach it to the refrigerator with a magnet. That way, every time you look at it, it will remind you of the best vacation ever!

Remember to share your photos with us wearing NAOKO clothes! Tag us on Instagram and FB with #naokogirls and #naoko.

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