Welcome to the long-awaited new version of our store. We have been working on the new website for a long time to make it more transparent. As you well know, we are all little shopaholics, so there were a lot of ideas.

We focused on a more readable home page, now in the menu you will find only the most necessary tabs. You can subscribe to the newsletter right under the sliders informing about promotions and new products. A mandatory point for everyone who wants to be kept informed about promotions or rebate codes.

After clicking on the Store tab, you will be welcomed by ... beautiful, large and clear photos, thanks to which you do not have to wonder "what am I up to?" :)

Imagine this situation - you fell in love. Beautiful, perfect, dream jacket, at a great promotional price. You start to imagine what you will wear it to, where you will go in it, which bag will be the perfect accessory for it. You want to add it to your basket, and here's an unpleasant surprise - someone took it from under your nose! Which of us has not had such a situation :) Not everything is lost yet, now you can subscribe to the notification. As soon as we have it back, you will get an e-mail that your dream jacket is waiting for you. This is probably what we missed the most on the previous page.

If you entered the e-mail "dzubdzius@buziaczek.pl" during the last registration - now you can change it! Registration on the new website is super fast. Logged in users have access to all their orders and information about current orders, the address data pops up by itself, it's smooth and fast;)

We heard that some of you have a problem with choosing a category while browsing the mobile version. We come to the rescue! You click on the 3 stripes at the top of the page and the window unfolds (the image below). After clicking on SHOP NAOKO you will be redirected to all products. However, if you want to select a specific category - click the arrow and a list of all available product categories will open. And then you choose whether you prefer to see dresses or jackets :)

Let us know what you think about our new site. We are waiting for your feedback. If you have any comments, we will be happy to hear them, after all, the site is for you <3

% m% d,% r — Marketing Naoko