We landed at the airport in Chania, from there we took the car and set off to our first destination, the town of Kissamos.


Kissamos is the perfect starting point for beaches such as Elafonisi or Balos, but more on them later. The town itself is tiny and the market square is full of atmospheric pubs and charming shops. In a short distance you will also find great beach bars, smaller beaches and the sunsets are simply breathtaking!


The Balos expedition scared us a bit, because after what we read on internet forums, we decided that the best way to get there would be some really off-road car. We decided to take a risk and it turned out that there was no such requirement. A rocky road leads to the parking lot itself, but the road, you can also go there without any worries by any car. Entry to the national park (because Balos is a national park) costs 2 euros, and parking is free. The car is left on a hill about 3 km from the beach itself. The road to the beach is not demanding, but it is a descent from the top, you must not forget that after a wonderful, hot day we will have to climb these 3km uphill, it is worth having water with you! The most beautiful view of the beach itself is from the very top, and it appears after walking about 1 km from the parking lot. A wonderful place to relax. We spent the whole day there, the water was so blue that it's hard to believe. It was windy on the beach itself and I would put my dress on from time to time, but the wind was a nice escape from the heat <3


We were in Chania for a specific purpose, we wanted to rent a boat and go for a swim. Unfortunately, as it turned out, the wind thwarted our plans, it was blowing too hard and we were unable to do it. Thus, we had some time to take a walk around the city, hoping that the wind would slow down a bit or to come up with a new schedule for the day. So we sat down in one of the many pubs in the port, admired the beautiful views and visited some lovely souvenir shops.


We didn't go to Elafonisi for sunbathing, we decided quite late (after our day in Chania) and just wanted to see the pink sand that we saw earlier in the pictures. And no, the sand is not pink, but the climate on this beach took us in completely. A wonderful place to which an equally wonderful and very picturesque route leads! I think it is a must-see during your stay in Crete.

5. Samaria Gorge

I still can't believe how wonderful this place is! The route is 16 km long and it is not easy at all. I still treat corns, but it's worth it. Appropriate footwear is necessary, although there were a few people in flip-flops and they also managed somehow, which still remains an unexplained mystery for me: P

You should go to the gorge in the morning because the route takes a minimum of 5 hours, and the last boat that sails to the town, from which the bus takes you back to the parking lot, departs at 5:30 PM. This is actually the only time after 11:30 that we can sail. I think it is also a nice idea to stay in the town overnight after leaving the gorge and return the next day in the morning. Just pack a brush, dress, flip-flops and that's it. :)

The cruise lasts an hour and the bus journey takes 1.5 hours, so you need to book at least one full day for this trip.

6. Rethymno

Rethymno is a seaside and very holiday town. The whole beach is littered with beach bars, along it is full of great restaurants and shops.The climate of this city is really wonderful! Additionally, it was there that we saw one of the most beautiful sunsets in our life <3

7 Lake Kournas

We went by quad bike to the lake, the route took us about 40 minutes and it was a very picturesque road carved in rocks with countless turns.

The lake itself is wonderful, most people, like us, rent pedal boats and spend time on the water.

8. Avocado town

On the way to a hidden beach, which you will find in Crete innumerable (just search well :)), we got to the town of Argiloupoli. It turned out to be a town famous for its avocado. For every fan of this green plant, it is a must see place! With avo we will drink juice, eat salad, main course and get oils and various cosmetics <3

Crete is a big island so we didn't have a chance to travel all over it, but what we saw really captivated us.

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