Do you feel spring is approaching? We are more and more happy that the temperature on the thermometers is rising and growing.

Which of you like to summon spring with a new, colorful cheek? We know such players and we know from experience that it works - wow!

We are slowly revealing our new SS2019 products to you and we reveal - there will be plenty of bold patterns!

What's with these bold patterns anyway? Relax, we're revealing more details.

Do you remember patchworks that used to decorate sofas and beds in the old days?

Big, colorful, sewn from several different fabrics?

This season we're bringing them to the streets! But wait a minute, do not think that we will wear a colorful rug and go out to people - we know that fashion knows no boundaries, but we have prepared for you always fashionable fleece coats in many multicolored versions.

Supporters of bolder solutions will be able to target more vivid combinations, while those of you who prefer less picturesque patterns will not be omitted.

Believe me, each of you will find something for yourself!

Such a piece of clothing will complement any casual look you prepare.

Shirt and jeans? Sounds trivial… and now imagine that you are throwing on top of this multi-colored coat.

What a quick and easy change right? From now on, none of your outfits will be boring.

It works great in sporty and elegant combinations, we guarantee that you will fall in love with them as much as we do!

We are looking forward to your feedback. Soon more from us!


% m% d,% r — Marketing Naoko