Is the elephant close to the dress?

FOR MY EYE yes, that is text with colors for mental health.

I am Joanna, I run Elephants on the Balcony, and our elephant is usually blue in color. According to psychologist Edward de Bono, who developed a method of creative thinking called the "colored hat method", blue corresponds to a controlling style of thinking. I see control as planning what we think and what we will do, which is why I feel very good in blue. What the Elephants on the Balcony do is plan to help, organize the world of children after trauma, which is broken to pieces, today also as a result of warfare.

A week ago I met Monika from NAOKO, we both knew we were in the colors of yellow and blue, Ukraine. Blue is the control and order of a world in a disordered war, yellow is "positive thinking", very close to hope today. When planning our cooperation, we were certainly positively pink and green, like the jacket from the Color Therapy collection. According to de Bono, green is a productive style, thinking that is a mine of ideas. We met because we both know that mental condition is of great importance for our agency, in our case, entrepreneurship. Positive thinking is an important cog in bold ideas and independence. Although Monia fits beautifully with the pink version of the collection, I see her in red, it is an emotional style. Because how else can you see someone who comes up with the idea that fashion should pay attention to mental health? The originator must be close to the emotions. He must know that emotions are important, they need support in the form of at least a colorful setting, especially when dealing with difficult, less pleasant emotions. They cannot be avoided, they are worth facing, but we can always carry the proverbial "pink glasses" in a comfortable pocket, because they give us a breath, a moment of rest, which is always worth finding time for, or at least a moment of respite.

To the question: Are colors close to emotions? I answer: of course they are. Sometimes they reflect our condition, but sometimes they give us energy, they complement what we need. Today we all need the strength to find the peace that war has taken. We need energy to act, we need sun, colors, positive hope. We also need to surround ourselves with the colors of the coming spring, we need to notice it. I have such a bit of joy in me looking at the NAOKO spring collection. Colors allow you to think more boldly, create non-obvious solutions, seemingly incompatible with each other.

Because is the elephant close to the dress? After ten years of therapeutic work with Elephants, I also know very well that we need people who care for each other. Our therapists help children, and the good energy of therapy is driven by social campaigns such as this. 10% of the sale of the collection will finance the treatment of children after trauma from Ukraine. We need each other, and all the helpers need rest and friends supporting strength, this is how I see the meeting of Elephants on the Balcony with NAOKO and I am very grateful for them. Thank you on behalf of all our elephants. These are 360 ​​children with mental problems and 30 families from Ukraine for whom we are building a new piece of the world today. We do everything to make it better. Take care of yourself.

Joanna Paduszyńska

President of the Elephants on the Balcony


Professionally, I care about helping those who want to share their time and money with children in need.

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