City steaming after rain, mowed grass, sea breeze, first days of spring - after reading the above-mentioned, your first association was not a smell? Fragrances are inherently associated with situations, places, they evoke memories and stimulate our imagination. When choosing the right fragrance for yourself, it is worth taking into account not only the nose, but also the quality of the product itself.

What is worth paying attention to when choosing perfumes?

First of all, whether we really choose perfume or eau de parfum. Perfumes have the highest percentage of fragrance oils - 30 to 40% (dissolved in 90 to 96% alcohol). Eau de parfum consists of 10 to 15% oils dissolved in 90% alcohol. The perfume will stay on the skin longer, its scent will not only be perceptible, but it will come out by slightly changing its direction. Perfume notes can be divided into top, heart and base notes.

Head note , that is the one you can feel at the very beginning, feel it for the shortest time, heart note develops after 30 minutes and is felt up to 2h, the base note can be felt up to 12h. Well-described notes give us an outline of how the perfume will smell, favorite fragrances should be in the base note or the heart note to make the perfume appeal to your taste.

Choosing a perfume for a gift is also a very good idea. A fragrance can symbolize not only love but also friendship or joy. An indispensable companion for all journeys, outings, special occasions and every morning. Perfume is a really important element and it is worth choosing a fragrance that will be unique and distinctive.

NAOKO perfumes - get to know the unique


This year our brand decided to create for you three proposals of classic fragrances with a non-obvious twist.

Each of the fragrances is associated with a specific association and this is how the NAOKO perfumes "Clear night under the stars", "Permission to make mistakes" and "Sunny day by the ocean" were created. Minimalist design and the highest fragrance will make our perfumes look beautiful not only on you but also on the shelf where you put them :)

Moreover, the perfumes are vegan and not tested on animals!

Summer is the perfect time to choose your new favorite fragrance <3
You can check our suggestions by clicking > here <

Perfume trivia:

1. The mother of the perfume is considered to be a woman named Tapputi.

2. The scent of fresh strawberries can be obtained by combining the aromas of cut grass with cotton candy, the scent of slightly overripe apple and butter.

3. The mixture of pine, rosemary, lavender and laurel is a blend of the world's first perfumes.

% m% d,% r — Marketing Naoko