Sunny summer and warm weather mean many things - holidays, iced coffee, sunscreen and ice cream. However, for a person who likes to look good and feel good in their clothes, it means one more thing - hiding jackets on the back of the wardrobe and taking out summer dresses .

Summer dresses are a number of different cuts - short, midi and maxi, with shoulder straps, Spanish dresses and short sleeves. Each of us has a chance to choose the perfect model for ourselves, but the one that should be tried first is definitely a long, airy dress - the queen of versatility and comfort. They also show up in dozens of cuts, patterns, colors and materials. All of this needs to be considered when choosing your favorite summer companion (and beyond), so we'll take a look at the options that are available to us.

Let's not close ourselves to what we know and like, and maybe we will discover a love for some new style or cut. The biggest advantage of long, airy dresses is that they will suit everyone.

Long, airy dresses - what are they?

Not all of us feel comfortable wearing short skirts, and it is completely natural. Long skirts guarantee us maximum comfort and refreshment on hot days. We can move freely in them without worrying that we will show too much. At the same time, they are so airy that we will not be stuffy, and on the most sunny days they will protect our legs from burns - not without reason in the Middle East and Africa, even men wear outfits resembling long skirts.

Long, airy dresses will be a great choice for any type of figure, they will cover possible imperfections and allow you to enjoy the moment. If we want to show more of the body, we can choose skirt with a slit to expose the legs or one with a mini skirt underneath and a long translucent material on top.

Airy long dresses for what occasion?

You do not need a special occasion to wear a long, airy dress - it will be an irreplaceable option for a quick exit to the store when the weather does not allow us to wear comfortable tracksuits. At the same time, if we choose the right accessories for it, it will also serve us well during special days. A long dress is a natural choice for a party, and long airy dresses for a wedding will be a great choice because they will keep us comfortable and at ease all night long. They will work well with high heels at the beginning of the evening, but after a dance you can change your shoes into ballerinas or sandals and the dress will still fit them well. Airy long dresses for a wedding are timeless and for a reason they do not go out of fashion - you can dance, jump, play in them and they will prove themselves in the weather that changes during the day and night.

In addition, these dresses must be in our suitcase if we plan to go on vacation - regardless of whether it is a rest in a foreign hotel, a stay at the seaside or a lake - long, airy dresses will not disappoint us!

What is the style of long, airy dresses?

We already have our beautiful dress, we know where we want to wear it and now the question arises - how to wear it? For high heels, sandals, flip-flops? The answer is yes, to all suggestions, because the versatility of long airy dresses makes them fit with everything. Depending on the occasion, we will choose the right shoes for them, and we can even give them up completely and run barefoot on the beach!

Long, airy dresses will be perfect for romantic, elegant and more rock styles. A number of accessories will fit them - from hats, through belts to various outerwear.Only your imagination can stop you from styling such a dress in all possible ways, so do not let it limit you. A long airy dress may be your most trusted friend in your wardrobe, so let yourself be trusted by it. It may turn out that you will not want to download it! If you are not convinced yet, we have prepared a few styles with long NAOKO dresses especially for you, so check if they inspire you!


This is an ultra girly proposition with our Mint Daiouri model, which will work in a variety of pastel styles. You can add pink high-heeled sandals to the dress and a matching little handbag for a feminine outfit perfect for a wedding. Long airy dresses fit best with outerwear such as bolero or ponchos, which will not disturb the cut of the dress. Nevertheless, on cold days, you can choose a coat in the right style and even a jacket for casual styling.

Long airy dresses will perfectly match women's stylizations - especially with a slit on the leg, as in the above proposal. The skirt will be able to wave beautifully in the wind or dance, creating an irreplaceable atmosphere on the beach or at a party. In addition, they will not need many accessories to create a unique styling. An airy long dress in a solid color can be super elegant, but if you are looking for something more original, floral patterns will look great in this cut. You can read about how to style summer basics here in our article.


A long, airy dress can also be styled more rock and boldly. For our model Carmen in burgundy color, we recommend black accessories - black sandals with light heels, boho-style fringed bags and a hat with a large brim. Also, don't be afraid to go crazy with the bold color of the lipstick in the color of the dress to complete this outfit. It will be a great outfit for going out with friends, an evening by the water or a music festival!

While festival stylizations call for a lot of crazy accessories that you would not wear for another occasion (bold jewelry, interesting hats or flower wreaths), if you choose more subdued rock accessories, the dress will be perfect for everyday use. Airy long dress will be a great base for many styles, so don't be afraid to add a claw to it if you are in a rebellious mood. Many styles of such dresses will allow you to wear boots and a leather jacket with them, for example if it is a dress with thin straps or without straps. In this outfit you can have a great time at the concert.


This elegant proposition with a dress with frills Linda shows how universal one outfit can be. It might seem that this is a typical dress for holidays under a palm tree, but the right accessories make it the definition of elegance. Match it with high-heeled sandals and a small purse in shades of beige, plus a scarf or a hair scarf. Dark glasses must also be present and you'll be ready to take a ride in a convertible or charm everyone in even the hottest coffee shop.

Remember that the airy long dress is not only a symbol of comfort - do not be afraid to style it elegantly. You don't have to bother with tight and uncomfortable dresses during parties or going to the theater - especially during the warmer months.Your best choice will be a long airy dress that will allow you to enjoy every moment and look captivating. You do not even have to wear high heels if you have the prospect of more walking or playing all night - the right wedges or shoes with a more stable heel can be just as elegant .


The most iconic sunny summer look you can imagine - leather sandals, a braided handbag and a large straw hat! These accessories will work with many models of dresses, for example with this kimono dress Fiore with a beautiful pink pattern. Long, airy dresses with flowers will be an irreplaceable choice in summer - they will put you in a holiday mood right away and will fit into many holiday scenarios - both city and beach ones.

When choosing the perfect beach outfit, don't forget about sunscreen! A natural and healthy tan will be your most beautiful addition. Also, think about waterproof makeup and jewelry that can't be damaged by salt water. A long, airy dress will be your best companion on the beach - you can put on a bathing suit under it and throw it off in one move, running into the water. The airy material will look beautiful when torn by the sea breeze, so don't forget to capture those moments in a photo!

Are long, airy dresses just for the summer?

We already know that airy long dresses will suit many styles, a number of accessories and for various occasions. However, let's not forget that they can also be worn for different seasons of the year. Long, airy dresses for the summer will be an obvious choice - they are airy and refreshing. Summer airy long dresses should be made of breathable materials, I can have slits on the skirt, open back or Spanish neckline - all this will give us relief on hot days. The airy summer maxi dress will work by the water, for a sightseeing trip, for a garden party or even to work - it will provide us with maximum comfort when high temperatures will give us a hard time.

Nevertheless, we can try such a dress in colder weather, if we choose the appropriate coat, jacket or bolero for it. Under a long skirt, you will not see tights or leggings, if you choose to wear them on cold days. Depending on the styling, we can choose boots, tights or even boots. On autumn days, a long, airy dress will work well in boho climates - with a shawl or an unbuttoned sweater.

So although long dresses are a must dress code for summer , don't hide them deep into the wardrobe or into the attic when the heatwave ends!

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