We did it! We beat the record during the second edition of Plant A Tree ! Thanks to you, in 2021 we were able to plant 40,000 NAOKO tree seedlings! It is a great joy for us that together we managed to do so much good for our environment!

Plant A Tree vol. 2

This action is entirely our original idea, which we are proud of! We know the impact of the clothing industry on the environment, so we would like nature to regenerate its strength after our interference. Local activities are a very important aspect of our work. From production, through ecological packaging of orders, to caring for the environment closest to us.

The effects of the second edition of this project exceeded our wildest expectations! Each sold product from the fall-winter collections is one tree planted by us! During the second edition of Plant A Tree , we obtained 40,000 seedlings that we planted in the forest in Grotniki.

Will we be able to break this year's record again during the next edition? We encourage you to join our next edition! We strongly believe that together we can do more!

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