Our favorite time is approaching, the time of summer festivals. However, before the festival madness begins and the music begins, we are faced with an age-old dilemma, namely what to take with us and what to wear.

We have prepared a few styles for you that will make this year's holiday parties truly unforgettable! And this regardless of whether you are going to Open'er or spending the summer in the city.


Summer is by far the best time to reveal a little more body. In such a situation, it is worth focusing on lace transparency. Openwork dresses will be perfect. They are irreplaceable with suede cowboy boots and a multitude of boho jewelry - bracelets, rings and chains.

Sukienka valerie

Complete this styling with a suitable haircut. Airy waves will give the styling lightness and a romantic note. It is enough to braid your hair in several braids for the night to enjoy delicate curls the next day.

Sukienka Kendall


What we like the most about the festival fashion are cowboy inspirations. On a daily basis, they are often difficult to wear, in urban stylizations it is easy to exaggerate and give the impression of a "disguise", they work great at outdoor events. For airy, short dress, wear tall leather cowboy boots and a black hat with a large brim. You can break the whole thing with glasses straight from the 90s and a delicate pendant made of shells.

Sukienka Desert Flower

Do you like such festival styles? Do you only wear them during festivals or on a daily basis? We are waiting for your photos, remember about #naokogirls

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