The summer time of festivals and holidays is fast approaching. Surely you have already wondered what styling to impress on one of them, for which you just bought tickets with your friends. Maybe after reading this post, it will be easier for you to choose something suitable for you. How to dress so that it is not only comfortable, but above all on time? Hippie girl? A romantic? Or maybe a motorcyclist's girlfriend? Which one are you? See some of our proposals, which we have created especially for all musical outdoor events. Of course, the weather plays a very important role in choosing an outfit, but remember that galoshes and a raincoat do not have to be a boring combination, see our idea for a rainy version of the concert styling.

Hippie girl

By choosing this style, you are making a big nod to the 70s. It is above all light, feminine, airy and comfortable. A dress with an ethnic or floral pattern, a long patchwork cardigan, a suede bag, sandals with a braid tie, and a hat or flower wreath in your hair. Very warm colors, which will make you look cheerful and fresh.


Do you like airy and feminine stylizations? You should like this one. A light dress, covered with a stylish bomber jacket, and also great Roman shirts for the summer with a spaghetti binding, which is very fashionable this season. As an accessory, you can consider a light ecru scarf tied around the neck and, for example, flowers pinned in the hair. This combination will give you the opportunity to feel special.

Motorcyclist's girl

Heavy motorcycle boots, short denim shorts and a short sweatshirt (our version with bare shoulders). Such a grunge style will be a hit in 10, for each of you who like strong accents such as fishnet tights with large eyelets, a leather backpack, a red neckerchief or a baseball cap. The shorts can be made more attractive and renewed in a very simple way, by adding patches to them, whatever you want and wherever you want! The most important thing is that they reflect your style and suit you.

Styling for rainy weather

A cool combination of a tulle skirt in a strong color (here: red orange) with a beige sweater and a camouflage coat with a large hood is a brilliant alternative to rainy weather. You can wear black or gray rubber boots for this and if you find, or maybe you already have in your accessories - a transparent backpack and an umbrella. The rain will not surprise you now.

We hope that after seeing our proposals and reading this article, you have a ready-made kit in your wardrobe that you will wear. We wish you a lot of fun at the festival you are going to! See you :)

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