We counted down the hours, even seconds, to this premiere! And finally the day has come when we can show you the results of our work on the first collection for girls Girls Are Magic ! It was the youngest girls who inspired us to enjoy small things, notice even the smallest details and believe that every day is a chance for a new adventure and unlimited fun! See what we have prepared for the little #naokogirls!

When designing a collection for girls, we had one thing in mind - that unique clothes could accompany them in extraordinary moments of their lives! Trying new flavors, first roller skating or scooter skating, and even carefree climbing trees and discovering what awaits around the corner are moments worth remembering and creating unique memories for the future.


The collection for girls is full of unique colors and prints you already know from the latest You Are Magic collection. Energetic patterns and contrasting colors are a proposition for hit and curious little #naokogirls! Airy dresses in the style of the iconic Havana, sweatpants sets and comfortable, knitted dresses are a proposal for the youngest, who are not afraid of any adventures!


We also have good news for moms who have caught the eye of the colors and patterns from the children's collection! From now on, you and your little daughters can create matching sets, choosing clothes with matching themes! Better together!
The new collection is now available! > CLICK <

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