Holidays are coming to an end, and meanwhile the weather still encourages wearing airy summer dresses. We have prepared 10 styles for you that will be perfect for many occasions.

The Youniverse dress is a 100% holiday proposition, but don't let its delicate nude colors fool you. It goes perfectly with heavy boots and rock accessories. For the evening wear a ramones jacket or an oversized black sweater. If you prefer more delicate styles, choose pastel accessories and subtle gold jewelry. Such accessories and colors of the dress will beautifully emphasize the golden tan.

For those of you who appreciate timeless cuts and colors, we have prepared our favorite "little black dress" - the Aurora short dress. In combination with high cowboy boots and boho accessories, it will create a look that is hard to pass by indifferently. And for the weekend ... a totally new, sporty version. Colorful sneakers and pastel accessories will give the dress a nonchalant character and make you want to wear it all the time.

The Bianca dress is one of our favorites this summer. Perfect for holiday walks on the beach, it will also be perfect for great outings, weddings and parties. Just replace flat sandals with high heels! ;)

If you are the lucky girl who spends the last days of August outside the city, enjoying every moment of blissful carefree - the Fields of Gold dress will be your perfect companion. A short floral dress will allow you to create both girly stylizations and a more sporty look. Remember to keep the accessories in one color as much as possible so that the whole styling is consistent. ;)

The last proposition is certainly the hottest version of our holiday stylizations. The fiery Amber dress will allow you to create many unforgettable combinations for various occasions. For the last warm evenings, choose black and gold, expressive accessories and Roman sandals. If you prefer a more rocky atmosphere - suede cowboy boots and a leather handbag will be perfect. And for the evening you can wear a loose sweater, the whole thing will be nonchalant and stylish.

We hope you liked our styles. Only until the end of August, you can buy all products on our website with an additional 10% discount. Just use the code LAST10 after adding the selected products to the cart.

The code covers all products on our website and is valid until 31/08/2020

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