Fragrance is a very important sense, both when creating a first impression, completing your styling, and improving your own well-being. After all, we should like our perfumes the most, even if we choose them to impress others. Therefore, when choosing a new perfume, the first step is to consider which fragrances will suit our tastes the most. In addition, we must take into account the occasions we will use them for - whether they will be perfumes for everyday use, for example for the office, or perhaps we are looking for a fragrance for special occasions, for an evening dress or for dates. We can also consider many other factors - our character, skin type and what we want to convey to our surroundings with our scent.

Perfume scents

First, we need to find out which perfumes fragrances are available on the market in order to be able to decide what interests us. If we know which types of fragrances suit us, even buying perfumes online will not be an obstacle for us. Each fragrance is quite specific and suits different occasions and different types of people. For example, a delicate girl who wears airy dresses on a daily basis will choose a different perfume than a woman with a more confident and aggressive aura. Let's start choosing perfumes from identifying their types.

The floral scents do not need to be explained to anyone. These are, for example, rose, magnolia, violet, lily of the valley and lily. They are fresh, sweet and delicate, perfect for romantics and casual wear. Fruity fragrances are also sweet and have a very cheerful vibe. They will be perfect for summer and all energetic occasions. Fruity scents include apple, cherry, peach, raspberry and strawberry. Citrus fragrances are very energetic perfume fragrances that will not only refresh you, but also push you to act. It is, of course, lemon, orange, grapefruit, lime and mandarin. Green fragrances are very natural and fresh, we immediately associate this color with this color. These will be, for example, bamboo, grass, tea, leaves or herbs. Oriental fragrances will not be for everyone - these are strong, seductive fragrances that will be associated with a real femme fatale, but they won't be a good choice for the office. These perfume fragrances are for example cinnamon, vanilla, clove, incense or musk (or its vegan version found in Naoko perfumes). Water fragrances is probably the most universal fragrances of perfumes, which are characterized by delicacy and freshness. These are soap and synthetic fragrances, for example synthetic ambergris (an essence from the bowels of a whale that has a sea scent). Woody fragrances , as the name suggests, come from a variety of trees and plants and have a deep fragrance. It can be, for example, sandalwood, cedar, vetiver or oakmoss. Fern fragrances are elegant perfume fragrances that remind us of a forest and a meadow. These fragrances include, for example, resin, moss, juniper, and lavender.

We should start choosing the scent of perfumes by considering which of these types suit us best. We can help ourselves by visiting a drugstore and testing a few fragrances, but remember that we can check at most 3-4 fragrances a day, otherwise our senses will be muffled and we will not be able to make a good choice. We should also choose the scent of perfumes when we are refreshed, because when we are tired, we can smell fragrances differently.We should also remember that it is best to test the scent of the perfume on your own skin, not on paper, because each perfume works a bit differently on different types of skin. For example, on oily skin, the perfume will work harder, so we should not overdo it with applying them. If you have oily skin, you should choose a delicate perfume, for example with a citrus scent. On dry skin, heavier floral fragrances and with natural notes will look better. However, we must be careful not to choose a perfume (or rather eau de parfum) with a high alcohol content for dry skin, which will dry it even more. The perfumes we are considering should be left on the skin for a few hours and see how the fragrance develops if we want to be absolutely sure that we still like the purchased perfume the next day.

The durability of a perfume fragrance depends on many factors, but not always on the price or brand of the bottle. Nevertheless, we can help the fragrance stay on our skin longer. For example, moisturized skin will allow us to preserve the scent of perfume, so let's use an odorless moisturizer. Then, apply the perfume to the wrists, neck and elbows, which are the places where the pulse is most noticeable. This will help us preserve the scent of the perfume and make it linger around us for a long time. Remember not to rub the applied perfume on the skin, let it dry by itself.

How to choose a perfume to suit the character and occasion?

Each type of perfume has its own nuances, which probably seem logical to a large extent, but they are worth mentioning when choosing the perfect perfume for yourself or as a gift. For example, which perfumes will be perfect for the office, which for dresses , and which perfume fragrances men like. We can also choose special perfumes only for special occasions, for example for parties or for styling for a wedding . The question of how to choose a perfume for yourself does not have to be difficult. The most important is to discover the types of perfume fragrances that we like the most. We can also choose a perfume to our character or type of beauty .

Delicate and girly women may want to choose floral and romantic fragrances, such as lilies of the valley or not. They will be the perfect perfume for romantics and dreamers. There may also be a fruity note, such as strawberry

How to choose a perfume fragrance for a sensual woman? It does not matter whether we choose them for ourselves or as a gift, in this case we can choose perfume with an oriental scent, with strong aromas of spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom. Synthetic animal fragrances such as musk or ambergris will also work. It is impossible not to look behind a woman surrounded by such a scent. Nevertheless, it is a very specific choice, so don't choose it as a gift unless you are sure of it.

For gifts, let's choose softer perfumes with more neutral fragrances that will probably appeal to every woman. So let's start choosing a perfume for a gift with water, fruity and green fragrances.

When it comes to choosing perfumes on a daily basis, if, for example, we work in an office or other closed room, let's opt for something delicate and balanced. Floral perfumes with rose and vanilla will be ideal in this case, as they will allow us to smell fresh, but not make colleagues open windows when we enter the room.

Fragrance notes of perfumes - what is worth knowing about them?

When choosing a perfume, remember to pay attention to whether it is actually perfume or eau de parfum. They differ in the amount of fragrance oils and thus the intensity of the fragrance.Perfumes have the highest percentage of fragrance oils - 30 to 40% (dissolved in 90 to 96% alcohol) Eau de Parfum is 10 to 15% oils dissolved in 90% alcohol. The perfume will stay on the skin longer, its scent will not only be perceptible, but will also come out by slightly changing its direction. Women often choose Eau de Parfum because of the persistence of the fragrance.

The fragrance notes of the perfume can be divided into top, heart and base notes.

Top note will be the first note we will feel when we open a perfume bottle. Most often, she will be responsible for deciding whether to buy a perfume. Nevertheless, its smell evaporates quickly, after a maximum of half an hour we will not feel it anymore. Top notes often contain fruit for freshness.

The heart note we will feel the perfume only a dozen or so minutes after using it. It is responsible for combining the other two notes, so often the heart note itself does not attract our attention. Its scent will be felt for about two hours. It often consists of floral and spicy fragrances.

The base note is the last stage of the perfume smell, which we will feel only after 20 minutes. It is somehow the background of the fragrance and determines its character, but the note itself is not very intense. We start creating perfumes from this note and it is very durable - it stays on the skin for up to several hours. It is often made of vanilla and spices, as well as (synthetic) animal ingredients such as musk and ambergris.

That is why, if we really want to choose the perfect fragrance, we have to be patient and leave the fragrance tested in the store on the skin for a few hours to see how the scent of perfume notes develops.

Perfume from Naoko

Our brand decided to create for you proposals of classic fragrances with a non-obvious twist. Each of the fragrances is associated with a specific association and this is how the NAOKO perfume "Permission to make mistakes" and "Sunny day by the ocean" were created. The minimalist design and the highest fragrance will make our perfumes look beautiful not only on you but also on the shelf where you put them. In addition, the perfumes are vegan and not tested on animals!

PERMISSION TO MAKE MISTAKES is a sweet fragrance that will take you to the world of dreams and bring to mind happy moments. The perfume carries a hint of mystery thanks to an exceptionally original combination of floral, fruit and plant aromas.

SUNNY DAY BY THE OCEAN is a delicate fragrance, reminiscent of summer, carefree days filled with harmony and happiness. The perfume is surrounded by a subtle aroma, a combination of fruity and floral notes, characterized by lightness and freshness.

If you are interested in such combinations of fragrances, definitely read more about them in the accessories tab. They will also be a perfect gift idea for a woman, whether for a birthday, Christmas or no occasion, if we want to please her.

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