All great opportunities that you encounter during this period are best approached strategically. Start by tidying up the wardrobe, sorting mixed clothes into categories, get rid of clothes that you haven't worn even once in the last year. If you are still counting on losing weight, give it a go. Too small clothes lying in the closet will not make you feel better.

Deal with all broken clothes waiting to be repaired. Remember that you are finally making room for new friends :)

After cleaning up, it's time to analyze the contents of the garment. Make a list of the things you really need. If you have a lot of classics, it may be worth taking the risk and buying something colorful to spice up your wardrobe a bit. It is a good idea to have a list of clothes on your phone that you would need useful and write it down every time you remember a missing piece of clothing.

Sales are the perfect opportunity to afford more expensive clothes at discounted prices. In this case, it is worth betting on classic models that will serve you longer. Shirts, coats, jackets that will match many styles will always be useful. Also, avoid buying tons of trinkets and tons of unnecessary clothes that you won't be wearing anyway. Bet on a smaller quantity but better quality. During the sale, it is worth giving up chain stores or completing purchases in Polish brands. Polish designers also organize great sales and their clothes are definitely the most original. Such a purchase is a real treat that your friends will envy you.

Sales start earlier and earlier every year. This gives us a great opportunity to buy clothes from the so-called short shelf life. Crazy things that are only suitable for the beach? If you are planning a vacation in August or September, you can definitely afford it without the slightest remorse.

You should also check which trends from this season will remain on top in the next ones. The best thing these days is that you don't have to "choose" to hunt. Everything can be found in online stores. (We have the entire store discounted and the highest sales in the SALE tab). There are no lines, no opening hours, no distances, no need to run around the city because you just need to click. Even during your vacation, you can buy discounted items and ask the store for a shipment for a specific day (after your return). Our suggestions for this year's sales:

Number 1 Blouse

A sweatshirt is a garment that never goes out of style and is also not seasonal (like a bathing suit).

is always perfect for summer evenings, the coldest days and winter frosts

Number 2 Maxi dress

This is another product that has been reigning in summer for years, and the prints and colors are so different and original that you don't really have to wonder if it will be a hit next year, most likely you will still make a great impression on it. Floral patterns for women are classics of the genre, so feel free to reach for them.

Number 3 - Cloaks

If you can still find a coat on sale, know that it is perfect for the transitional season and that it is one of the most fashionable outerwear of the coming season, everyone knows!

Number 4 - T-shirt

T-shirt with short sleeves, no need to write much here, each of us has several of them, we are happy to wear them for loose styling and there are never too many of them in the wardrobe!

We hope our little advice will help you make at least a few good choices in the near future. Happy shopping!

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