Red - a symbol of self-confidence, sex appeal, spontaneity. The color of love, anger and life. It would seem that putting on a red dress is a statement in itself. Probably many of us associate the red dress with special occasions - a party, a party, a date. It would of course be a good association, because the red dress has the potential to be very elegant. However, let's not put it off only for special days. In fact, every day can be special if we exude confidence in a red dress, so let's take advantage of the benefits. Let's not be intimidated by the vision of styling a dress in such a bold color, because it is not as difficult as we might think. Contrary to appearances, the red dress goes well with many colors and styles. It can be feminine, girly, elegant, casual or very formal.

The first step will be to choose our shade of red, and there are plenty of them. In this case, it will be very useful to know our color palette, about which you can find out in the article on beauty types . The most important factor will be the shade of our skin - whether it is warm, cold or neutral. If we're unsure, let's use the color of our veins as a clue - if they are blue or purple you probably have a cold shade of skin, and if they are more greenish you probably have a warm shade of complexion. If you have trouble telling which color is dominant, there is a good chance that your skin tone is neutral. Another tip is tanning - warm tones tan easily and brown, while cold tones have a problem with tanning and are easier to burn. If you already know your skin tone, you can now choose the right shade of red that will best accentuate your beauty. As a rule, warm red goes well with a warm complexion, and cold red with a cold one. Neutral complexions look good with any shade, especially bright red and more subdued colors. Warm reds are those with a yellow tone, such as tomato, rust or brick. Cool reds have at least a tinge of blue in them, but it's also pure red that will look best on people with a cold skin tone.

Knowing our perfect shades, let's move on to styling our red dress.

What accessories for the red dress?

There is no clear answer to the question of what accessories for a red dress will look the best. It all depends on the occasion, the cut of the dress and our type of beauty, and of course - our preferences.

As a rule, gold jewelry is considered the best accessory for red dresses . There is a lot of truth to this because the combination of gold and red creates a beautiful fiery effect. Nevertheless, accessories for a red dress can also be silver, and if we have a cold skin tone, silver will be the best fit for us. So if we have a dilemma which set of jewelry to wear, let's check which metal looks best on our skin. We can wear jewelery that matches the occasion with a red dress, but let's not exaggerate with the amount of it even for an elegant party. The red dress itself is eye-catching, so don't let additions to the red dress overshadow it. So let's leave the complicated necklace with black, white or neutral-colored dresses. What accessories for the red dress will be the best, of course, will depend on the situation. For a meeting or an elegant occasion, we can, for example, wear a gold or silver watch.We can also tone down the dress with a black or white jacket. Accessories for the red evening dress should not be excessive - matching earrings and a necklace and a small envelope bag. Accessories for the red wedding dresses will be similar, we can also try a coat - preferably nude or black. When it comes to accessories for a red lace dress, depending on its length and complexity, we can easily overdo it with accessories. The red color and lace are an intense enough combination, so let's decide on delicate jewelry and nude accessories.

Accessories for a red dress do not have to be elegant. If we take our dress to the city or party, we can put on a denim jacket and a colorful handbag. We can also wear a blouse on the dress to create a comfortable streetwear look. Red will look great in combination with intense blue, for example, so don't be afraid to go crazy.

We should not give up the red dress at work. An elegant version in a more subdued color (for example wine or cherry) will also look great in the office, for example with black accessories or those in nude color, but also with a plaid pattern, so combine it with a jacket in one of these colors or let's show the arms and put on a string of pearls or beads instead. A red dress with a black leather belt will be a good choice for work.

What color of shoes for the red dress?

Shoes in many cases play the role of the most important accessory for a dress. When choosing shoes for a red dress, however, we must be careful not to distract too much from it. As a rule, we will choose shoes in a contrasting, but neutral color - black or white, or shoes that will be as unobtrusive as possible, such as nude. Shoes for a red dress should not be red, unless we are preparing for a very elegant occasion in the style of a red carpet. If we want to put on a completely red look, choose shoes in a much darker shade of red than the dress.

Beige shoes with a red dress are always a good choice because they will let our outfit shine. We can choose a shade of shoes that is as close to our skin color as possible to mask them as much as possible. It will be difficult to make a mistake with such a combination, so if we have no other idea or want to display our red dress in the best possible way, let's opt for nude shoes. Brown shoes with a red dress may not look as good as a classic nude, unless we choose leather sandals that are almost invisible. We'd better choose something with stronger contrast or something more invisible.

If we are in contrast, we cannot mention white and red. White shoes with a red dress will look very good in many cases. They can fit both formal stylizations (for example white sandals with heels) or casual or even streetwear (white sneakers or sports shoes). We can also choose black and white shoes.

Black shoes with a red dress are also a timeless and universal combination. The high contrast between these colors will allow them both to look great, and the black will add elegance and spice to our red dress. A red tight dress and black high heels is a super classic combination that will never get bored.

The elegant choice of shoes for a red dress will be gold or silver, so choose a sparkle . Silver shoes with a red dress will create a beautiful contrast and thus complement each other perfectly.We can also choose silver jewelry with such shoes. It is a good choice for those with a cold skin tone. Gold red dress shoes are also a very popular choice and it's no wonder because it's a beautiful combination that brings to mind fire. Women with a warm complexion will look best in it, especially if they pair up with gold jewelry.

If we want to go crazy, we can choose colorful shoes, for example in the aforementioned shade of blue or vivid yellow, in this case choose a handbag that matches the shoes, or a very neutral, for example flesh-colored. Blue shoes with a red dress are not only a fashion show look - we can easily take it to the street. If we are not ready for an intense blue (for example a shade of cobalt), then we can opt for navy blue shoes with a red dress.

Shoes for a red dress - what to choose?

If we already know what color of shoes for a red dress will look best, the next step is, of course, to decide on the type of shoe. Here, the matter will not be so black and white, because the type of shoe must first be matched to the occasion and the style of the dress , not its color. However, we will try to provide some inspiration regarding the choice of shoes for the red dress.

When it comes to red frilly dresses, it would be best to go for simple footwear. A dress with frills and nude high heels will be a great combination. If it is more airy dress , for example typically summer, then we can choose sandals - flat or high heels. In this case, for example, white or some abstract color - for example yellow.

, will work

A red tight dress will look great with black shoes - both high-heeled sandals and typical high heels. We can also try boots. A red tight dress in combination with a fleshy heel will be a good choice for work.

A red elegant dress will look beautiful in combination with gold or silver accessories, so if, for example, we are interested in wedding shoes with a red dress, we should choose gold high heels and gold jewelry or silver high heels and silver jewelry. Black or navy blue heels will also work for a wedding.

Shoes for a long red dress do not have to be high heels. A red midi dress will look great with ankle-length boots, for example black or a dark shade of red. For a red maxi dress, we can choose ordinary sandals in a neutral color, if we are preparing a more beach style.

On the other hand, for a red mini dress, we should choose comfortable flat-heeled shoes - sneakers or sports shoes. Especially if it is a typical A-shaped casual dress with jacket , e.g. denim and a backpack. This is a very useful outfit for a trip, because you will definitely not get lost in the crowd - the red dress will be visible from a distance. :)

Red dress - what purse?

When it comes to a red dress, what kind of purse will go with it is a very important question because we can easily overdo the color combination. The safest option is to simply match the color of the bag with the shoes, for example black shoes and a black bag. Nevertheless, this is not always possible, so an uncomplicated nude handbag should usually go with everything.

Red dress - what nails?

When choosing a handbag, let's also consider: to a red dress - what nails.Do not choose varnish for the color of the dress, choose varnish a few shades darker. In addition, all neutral beiges and browns will also work, just like irreplaceable black. If the occasion, dress and accessories allow it, we can choose a colored varnish - for example blue, pink or purple.

Red dress - what makeup?

The last element will be the question: red dress - what makeup? We can easily put on red lips - then let's choose the color of the lipstick to match the color of the dress. Nevertheless, in this case, let's make the eye makeup as delicate as possible. A strong eye, red lips and a red dress may turn out to be too aggressive for many of us. If we want to make clear eye makeup, for example with a dark line, choose a nude color or another neutral color for the lips.

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