A classic, well-cut shirt is the basis of a woman's wardrobe. It is as mandatory as black jacket or jeans. Although it seems boring to some, believe me - it is not only suitable for stiff, elegant uniforms. It has the potential to combine it with a variety of styles and items of clothing (pants, shorts, skirts and even dresses!).

How to wear a shirt?

When asked " how to wear a shirt " we all automatically reach for pants and most often they are classic, black tubes. However, you must know that the shirt can be combined with all types of trousers, i.e. cigarillos, bells, palazzo trousers or mom jeans.

But it doesn't end with pants, because as we know, we still have a whole pile of other items of clothing. Like so wear a women's shirt ? With skirts, shorts and even dresses.

Yes, you see right - with dresses. What's more - in this case, you can wear the shirt both over and under the dress (but only if it has a cut on the straps). You wear it loosely on the dress, unbuttoned or by tying a knot, while under the dress - the shirt is buttoned from top to bottom.

How to wear oversize shirts?

If shirt is made of soft, flowing materials, it looks great when you wear it freely and loosely. Without any stuffing into my pants. Then you can choose not only simple cigarillos sewn in the crease, but also flared pants. However, be careful - then you have to choose slightly elevated shoes.

Like more wear oversize shirt ? In summer - necessarily with shorts. And here you don't have to hide it inside either. You can easily wear it freely - unbuttoned, with a top underneath and a cascade of necklaces around your neck.

Another option is to wear it completely solo, so like a shirtdress. There is only one condition - it must be a really oversized shirt, so that its length reaches at least mid-thigh.

How to wear a checked shirt?

A checked shirt is associated primarily with a loose, casual style. It is therefore an ideal proposition for everyday use, when you go for a walk or meet friends. It looks best with dark mom jeans or white sneakers. Especially when she looks like she's borrowed from a men's wardrobe.

Like more wear a checked shirt ? With shorts!

In summer nobody likes to get tired in long trousers, so as an alternative we choose elegant Bermuda shorts or less formal shorts. The best look with a checked shirt is the denim jeans with a little scuffing at the bottom of the legs. In addition, a black hat on the head, shoes like workers and a black top under an unbuttoned shirt. A rock-rebellious look is ready.

How to wear a long shirt?

A long shirt can be worn in many ways - you can easily style it as a classic blouse, tunic or dress.

Long shirt as classic blouse

If you decide on a classic combination, i.e. shirt + pants, remember - not to put it all inside. Excess material will make the shirt inside the pants shape unfortunate. In this case, wear the shirt loosely, outwards, or tie the front of the shirt in a knot. Another option is to insert it partially into your pants, so that the left side is hiding around the waist and the right side is hanging freely.

Daily Prophet Oversized Shirt

Long shirt as dress

If the shirt has a safe length, you can easily make a shirt dress out of it. All you need to do is fasten it at the waist with a narrow belt and the summer look is ready. As at NAOKO we love the boho style, for this styling we would choose a thin bronze scarf, which would serve as a belt. For this we would choose suede ankle boots, a brown hat and a bag with fringes.

Long shirt as tunic

How to wear a long shirt ? Like a tunic You probably remember how cyclists took over the world of fashion a year ago, so don't hesitate to use them this time!

How to wear a white shirt?

A white shirt is such a universal element of clothing that everyone should have it in their wardrobe. We know, however, that its purchase is not so easy, because it must match the cut, be properly fitted, and also made of high-quality materials. However, when you manage to acquire the perfect one, believe that it will stay with you for many, many seasons. It will also give you the possibility of a variety of styles and the freedom to combine with other items of clothing.

How to wear women's white shirt ? Probably the most popular outfit is the set: white shirt, dark blue jeans and beige trench coat , as well as classic black moccasins. However, you don't have to be a traditionalist and you can choose a dress instead of pants. Contrasting colors such as black or green work well with a white shirt. A white shirt will also look great with with a red dress , especially if you tie the shirt carelessly into a knot.

Powerpuff Girls Oversize Shirt

How to wear a women's shirt with trousers?

When you don't like to mix, match the shirt with trousers. This is undoubtedly a safe connection, as long as you stick to certain rules.

  1. If your shirt is oversized and has a lot of material at the hem, do not wear it in pants. Leave it on top, loose.

  2. If your shirt has a shorter cut (so closer to the crop top), be sure to pair it with matching high-waisted trousers. Thanks to this, you will not disturb the proportions of the figure.

  3. When you want to combine a longer shirt with flared trousers - leave it on top. Also, be sure to choose platform shoes, such as platform sneakers.

  4. When combining a shirt with cigarillos, remember that it does not always have to be tucked into trousers.A great alternative is to leave it outside with three buttons fastened in the middle and not necessarily evenly arranged (phenomenal asymmetry guaranteed!)

How to wear shirts - universal styles

The most universal styling in the world is a combination of a white shirt with jeans. So when typing in the search engine " women's white shirt stylizations ", expect just such results. However, it can also be surprising when you complete it with the right accessories. A purse on a chain or high heels in a non-obvious color will add character to it.

Women's shirt styling

Another example is the combination of a classic shirt and a basic dress. Then the shirt is freely thrown over the shoulders and acts as a cover.

Finally, it is worth mentioning a slightly more elegant combination, which are cigarillos and a fitted shirt. Remember, however, that you can bring a bit of madness to such styling by reaching for pants in an intense color!

Wild Flamingo pants

Dear #naokogirl, we hope our tips will help you style more than one shirt! Remember that you don't have to combine it only with pants, because there are so many possibilities. A shirt is a non-conflict item of clothing that can be combined even with dungarees. By the way, such a stylization was recently posted by Blake Lively on her Instagram and we admit - such a tip looks amazing!

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