The holiday season favors the organization of outdoor events. Did you get an invitation to a garden party? Or maybe you are planning to organize a garden party yourself? Regardless of whether you will be the guest or the host - you can look good and dazzle everyone with original styling! 馃槈

How to dress for a garden party? The most important rules of

You are probably wondering if there are any rules at all at this type of party? We will tell you the basic tips that should be followed when you think about the question: how to dress for a garden party?

An outdoor party, depending on the occasion, can be both solemn and elegant, as well as casual - more relaxed. When composing an outfit for an outdoor event, the most important rule is that you feel comfortable and comfortable - a well-thought-out outfit is a guarantee of fun!

Garden party - how to dress to look stylish and feel good? First of all, don't wear high heels or high heels. The worst that can happen is when the pins "melt" in the dirt or grass. You will not be able to walk freely and the heel, dirty from the ground, will not look attractive.

Instead of high heels, put on comfortable espadrilles, flat-soled sandals or simply ballerinas. However, if you want to add a few centimeters, put on a thick wide heel, you can also wear wedge heels.

It is also worth preparing outerwear for this type of occasion in case the weather changes and some headband to cover it on a hot, sunny day.

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What outfit for a garden party? Take it easy to put

Ok, appropriate footwear selected, time to think about the outfit. The casual style will be perfect, for example, for a casual barbecue with your closest friends.

You can choose airy and delicate dresses , or on holiday sets, such as a t-shirt + shorts or top + wide pants. We already suggest exactly what to wear at a garden party.

Our first proposal will be a combination of a modern shirt top with long, wide trousers. Starring: Let Me Shine tied blouse and Sand Dunes wide pants . This combination is both stylish and comfortable. Perfect for a summer outdoor party.

The next option can be quite unusual, because we focus on kimono! Rose Dusk muslin kimono pair with your favorite shorts or wear it as a dress. The voices of admiration among friends are guaranteed!

These are one of our first suggestions, but you can now decide - what outfit for a garden party will be the best choice for you. 馃槈

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How to dress for a garden party? Elegant and original


When there are more serious occasions than just a casual meeting in the garden with friends, t-shirt and pants may not be enough. The outfit for a garden party should be comfortable and with a touch of elegance.

How to dress for a garden party? Bet on suit ! A beautiful print, full of phenomenal flowers - this is the hallmark of of the Infinity Madisson suit. Black sandals on a thick post and a long golden pendant will be a perfect complement to it.

If you prefer classic, a dress for a garden party should please you. and the model with one sleeve will show your character. Silver accessories will add elegance to the styling.

We hope you have less and less doubts about the topic: garden party - how to dress. However, if you are not delighted with the proposals so far - check what else we have prepared for you. 馃槈

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Styling for a garden party - colorful suggestions.

An outfit for a garden party can be really colorful - don't be afraid to go crazy. Colors are joy, and when you are joyful, any party will be successful. 馃槈

How about Better Days lingerie dress? Beautiful floral pattern, energetic orange, light airy cut and safe length. This dress will give you energy and is a perfect choice as a styling at a garden party.

Floral Winds wrap skirt also impresses with a beautiful colorful pattern. It will be the perfect base for styling for a garden party. You can even dress it up with your favorite bathing suit. A garden party and a swimsuit are a great combination, especially if there is a swimming pool nearby. 馃槉

When it comes to the swimming pool, it is worth taking care of an appropriate outfit. Check out our new item - infinity Blue Lagoon swimsuit , isn't it perfect for a pool party? Because who said that a garden party cannot turn into a party by the pool? 馃槈

Styling for a garden party is a huge field to let your imagination run wild, as long as, due to a special occasion, there is no dress code, you can really go crazy with clothes and accessories.

You are only limited by your imagination. Let's do a little test, your first thought on the slogan: garden party stylizations? Exactly - you probably already know what to wear at the next event of this type. 馃槉

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