Do you smell spring already? When you admire the first tree buds, blooming daffodils and primroses, you will surely feel the mood for spring dresses and ... going out! Fortunately, spring is the time of many unforgettable events. We mean, of course, weddings and communions. Today we will show you some reliable styles for this second celebration. How to dress for communion? Keep reading!

How to dress for communion?

April, May and June - this is the period when communions are held in Poland. Did you get an invitation to such an event? You are probably wondering how to dress for First Communion to feel beautiful and appropriate at the same time.

First Communion is an event both elegant and joyful. When asked what to wear for communion, be sure to discard any casual clothes. Jeans, T-shirts, shorts - leave it for another day. What else to avoid? When composing your outfit, avoid too high heels, large necklines and transparent materials.

How to dress for communion to emphasize the joyful nature of the event? Here it is worth emphasizing the time at which the celebration takes place with your stylization. Spring is the time of colors. Of course, it is worth focusing on moderation - expressive patterns and very bright colors will not necessarily fit into the atmosphere of this children's holiday, but a small black dress will also not be a good choice. Light shades will work - blue, green, beige are very appropriate and elegant colors. Also remember that it can be very hot during the first communion, in such temperatures light colors work much better.

Another tip to remember when looking for an idea how to dress for First Communion is the length of the styling. Regardless of whether you are browsing dresses or pants while preparing for the ceremony - reject all mini versions of these clothes. First Communion is religious in nature, so it is worth betting on a timeless classic. However, nothing stands in the way of combining it with the latest trends. Check what to wear for communion to reconcile tradition with modernity.

How to dress for communion 2022? Latest trends

As every year the same question comes back - how to dress for communion? Today it's time to enter the next year and tell you how to dress for communion 2022!

Let's follow how the communion fashion is gently evolving. Two years ago, you asked how to dress for communion 2020. Back then, pastels, lace dresses and creased pants reigned. A year ago, when asked how to dress for communion 2021, we would suggest that a bright jumpsuit or a cocktail dress with frills is a great choice. And today? How to dress for communion 2022?

This year, bright colors will also reign, but not only pastel ones. What distinguishes this year's stylizations are flowery patterns and delicate, although eye-catching accessories . Get to know our proposals!

How to dress for communion as a guest?

The invitation is already in your hands? The head is already looking for ideas how to dress for communion as a guest? Your styling should combine elegance and freedom. Remember that this holiday is primarily a time for the child and his parents, so don't stand out from the crowd with your outfit. However, don't worry, our suggestions on how to dress for communion as a guest will not be boring.We have prepared a styling for the godmother and grandmother, but they are so universal that every woman invited to the party will feel appropriate and beautiful in them!

How to dress for communion as a godmother? You are certainly one of the favorite aunts of a child who has her holiday on this day. So that you can look at yourself with pride after many years, we propose a combination of elegance and freedom.

Dreamy Delight dress with frill is the perfect idea how to dress for communion as a godmother to feel special. This elegant, subtle shade will beautifully fit into the spring, joyful atmosphere of the holiday. The timeless styling, length and loose cut of the dress will make it look elegant with the right accessories, and at other times - it will be perfect for less formal circumstances. How to dress for the communion of a goddaughter or godson? Exactly - there is a hint in this question. After all, communion is a celebration of children, and children love to play, also with adults. The cut of the dress with a binding gives great freedom of movement. Even after playing with a child for a long time, its style will not lose its elegance.

And how is grandma supposed to wear for communion? Of course, it is worth betting on a classic cocktail dress, as always. Today, however, we want to show a different version of clothing for the celebration of a grandson or granddaughter. Communion is a great opportunity to buy shirts ! A few shirts in a wardrobe can save many styles - both elegant and casual. When looking for suggestions on how to dress grandma for communion, we immediately caught our eye Just Imagine pants , which will go well with an elegant shirt and a sporty top! Our cobalt, timeless proposal delights with its metropolitan chic. By choosing a white shirt with a loose cut and slightly puffed sleeves, you will realize our proven recipe to feel elegant and at ease.

How to dress for the baby's communion - suggestions for mom

Are you stressed when preparing for the ceremony? A lot of running, the whole house on the head, and the child is also starting to get nervous before his holiday? Take a deep breath and do something for yourself. Check how to dress for a child's communion to feel really special. First, a proposal for women who love dresses.

What to wear for a child's communion? Of course, the dress is the first type. Charming Beauty long kimono dress is not the first dress better! It is a subtle, feminine and elegant creation. Its envelope cut perfectly shapes the waist, and the neckline on the back will emphasize their beauty! Match it with beige high heels (not too high) and a small handbag. And you already have an idea of ​​what to wear for the communion of the child!

And how should a mother wear for her child's communion if she doesn't like dresses? Elegant coveralls are a great alternative. Our heart was stolen by Indigo Ocean Infinity Suit . Classic cut and energetic shade are a perfect combination! Match it with gold jewelry and a jacket made of thin, airy material and the outfit is ready!

At NAOKO we believe in timeless clothes. That is why, answering the question of how mom should dress for communion, we have prepared proposals that you will wear not only on this occasion. Wild Flamingo pants with a loose t-shirt are great as styling for work, for a spring walk, or a meeting with a friend Stolen Moments waist dress with sneakers is a perfect combination for a spring picnic. We also encourage you to choose styles that will serve you more often and for longer when looking for what to wear for the communion of a child. After all, the question of how to dress for the communion of a son or daughter will soon turn into the question of how to dress for a child's or friend's birthday, how to dress for a walk or a date. Then you will find the best answers in your closet!