Folding a hoodie - how to do it?

Each of us has a sweatshirt at home. It is so convenient that even if we do not use it in our everyday styling for work (we use it) or for going out (we also use it), on cold evenings we like to jump into it in front of the TV, or quickly impose it on ourselves by going out to store for emergency chocolate. Sweatshirts have long ceased to be just a sports element of clothing, and have become an integral part of styling both urban and casual, as well as more elegant and feminine. Today, in the era of the well-known oversize trend, sweatshirts feel better than usual.

The choice of hoodies is huge, both in terms of cut and color. With the upcoming summer and wardrobe tidying up and the season of numerous trips, we've gathered some tips for you on how to fold hoodies - the most demanding of cuts.

It might seem that the matter is simple… and yet. Folding a hoodie so that it does not take up the entire floor in the wardrobe and that it is not a bent ball when unfolded is not so obvious. We are not even talking anymore about the crumpled hood that has its own life and its world. An even greater challenge is to fold the sweatshirt so that it fits into the suitcase, especially if we only take it "just in case" :)

1. Before folding, spread the sweatshirt on a flat surface

If you want a blouse that is not creased out of the wardrobe, make sure you don't roll it into a ball inside with the fabric bending in every possible direction. Therefore, before folding the hoodie, it is best to spread it on a table or on the floor, where we will be able to elegantly stretch it in every direction according to the natural layout of the material (this is very important, because it will not create additional folds). Remember to smooth the cuffs as well!

2. We wrap!

With each fold, make sure that all layers of the material lie flat, do not form additional folds in the middle, which can then be seen when unfolded. The principle is simple, the more we put into the process, the better it will look (both folded and out of the closet). First we fold the sleeves, then the halves of the torso part. Leave the hood for the end. We can also leave the whole wrap for the end. Or the sleeves at the end, you can do it however you like, it all depends on the cut. It is important that it is quite strict, as few bends as possible and symmetrically, while aiming at the shape of a (more or less) rectangle. Easy.

3. Hood of the equilibrium

There are many ways to assemble the hood itself. You can fold it until Wednesday, stretch it flat, and even tuck the entire sweatshirt into it. The last option is especially recommended for travel, because such a tightly folded sweatshirt will take up the least space in a suitcase. Plus, it looks great (check it out for real)! :) It's important not to fold the hood on one side and put it on the rest of the fabric, because then on one side you will bend a lot.

4. Drawer display, or how to fold sweatshirts into the


If we want the sweatshirt to stand horizontally in the drawer, it must be folded as thick and tight as possible so that it does not fall apart after removing the neighboring clothes. Here, the option of inserting a sweatshirt into the hood can be a bull's eye. To support the structure, you can also use sleeves that can wrap part of the torso, and hide the cuffs inside the sweatshirt roll. Future mothers can practice wrapping babies in nappies on this technique, it has something to do with it.We put the sweatshirt face down and divide the eyes into two halves. Fold the sweatshirt halves (right and left) to the middle line, and then bend the sleeves back outwards. We should get a long rectangle with a hood and sleeves shorter than at the beginning. We fold the hood in the shape of a triangle, aligning the middle of the hood edge with the shoulder line. Then we wrap the middle part of the blouse in a tight rectangle and attention, the best part: wrap the sleeves around the bundle and hide the cuffs inside. And so we get a perfect upright structure that looks beautiful and sticks well. This is our discovery method.

How to fold hoodies ultimately depends on what our wardrobe looks like, whether we store clothes vertically in a drawer, whether they will lie flat on a shelf, we can freely modify the width and thickness of the hoodies and the style of folding hood.

Of course, we can always just hang our sweatshirt on a hanger, but most of us reserve hangers for dresses and clothes that like to wrinkle. Besides, what fun is it if you don't have to figure it out a bit :)

When we arrange everything nicely, you can take it out again and put it on. So now we go crazy together - short, long, unfastened, colored, black, white, thick, thin sweatshirts. Whatever you want!

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