Holidays are a joyful time of trips, making travel dreams come true and returning to favorite places full of memories. Surely your bucket list still has some points to check? Time to see them! 馃槈

How to pack a suitcase for vacation? Trick # 1: take less stuff!

We know, you pack your suitcase and you want to fit all the amazing outfits you have prepared for the trip. Something for the beach, for the evening, for the heat and for a cooler day? Ok, just not in 10 different versions. 馃槈

How to pack a suitcase for vacation? Our first suggestion is to take fewer things than originally planned. Where to start? Remember all your returns from vacation, how many times have you put one half of your clothes in the washing machine and put the other half back in the closet? Or maybe the latter group of things was greater than half of all packed items?

If you are familiar with the above situations, you can already see that it is worth taking less of these things for your next trip. How to pack a suitcase? This time you can give up, for example, the things you used to wear on your previous trip and focus on those that came back with you, unused in the previous place. 馃槈

You are definitely planning shopping while on vacation, think about what the place is famous for and what you plan to bring from it, when it comes to wardrobe. It may turn out that additional t-shirts and flip-flops will be more advantageous to buy on the spot.

Are you going on a trip around Europe, or maybe you prefer further destinations? Think carefully about what to take on vacation abroad. First and foremost, be guided by the weather and climate in a given place. However, even if you are going to the tropics, keep something warm in your suitcase - air conditioning can often be a pain. 馃槈

Another important tip that will allow you to take less stuff is choosing the right one. Bet on those that will suit many occasions, a walk on the beach, dinner in a restaurant and dancing in the club until dawn.

Such a model will be e.g. Dare To Be underwear dress . Depending on the accessories, you can style it for the beach, as well as for a walk around the city and evening outings. Such universal models will help you save a lot of space in the suitcase. 馃槈

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How to pack a suitcase for vacation? Trick # 2: bet on the right


When it comes to weather, whatever the direction, it's worth getting ready for changes in the aura. In one part of the day you can sunbathe on the beach and complain about the heat, in the other part it may start raining and suddenly it will get colder.

How to pack a suitcase for vacation? You should take things for all weather conditions. 馃槈 Most of the garments in the suitcase should be used for the aura that prevails at a given time in a given part of the globe. If the climate is warm - holiday dresses .

will certainly be useful.

A smaller part of the suitcase should be taken by things for the so-called "just in case" - eg long pants, warmer sweatshirts , something to impose in air-conditioned rooms.

If you are going to cooler regions, you must of course do the opposite, pack most of the things that will be useful for colder temperatures, and for example one or two dresses for warmer weather.

Also pay attention to the materials, choose those from light, airy fabrics. Such clothes will easily fit into a suitcase and will not take up much space in it.Give up thick fabrics, not always what thick and heavy will be a warmer covering than lighter fabric

During the next and next trips + with the help of our tips, you will certainly gain experience and you will know how to pack a suitcase yourself. You have to anticipate different scenarios, but do everything wisely! 馃槈

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How to pack a suitcase for vacation? Trick # 3: fold your clothes cleverly

You certainly don't smile when you pack your iron, steamer and similar devices for your vacation. When you're wondering what to pack for your vacation, these types of items are likely last on the list. We advise you - if you put things together skillfully, you can do without an iron!

What do we mean when we write about folding things skillfully? Their rolling! How to do it? Most of the things we plan to fit in the suitcase are best folded in half along their length and then rolled from top to bottom. For example: t-shirts from the collar down, pants from the waist down, etc.

Clothes rolled up take up less space and, most importantly - they wrinkle less! This trick is perfect for you, if you are going away for a short time, you have to fit a lot of things in your luggage and you are wondering, for example, how to pack a suitcase for 7 days.

This way of folding things will also work for longer trips, when you want to accommodate a lot of styling. Are you wondering how to pack a suitcase for 2 weeks? Want to take a lot of dresses, holiday kits and swimsuits? Go back to our tips above and reconsider your luggage. Surely you will find out for yourself that you have to make a selection, why pay extra for excess baggage? 馃槈

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How to pack a suitcase to the seaside?

We already know that we have to pack sets of clothes for both sun and rain, especially if we are going to the Polish seaside. 馃槈 Rapid changes in the weather can surprise us at any moment.

What to take on vacation to the seaside? First, it is worth emphasizing that in addition to a variety of outfits, creams with a filter will be useful. The sun is really treacherous and even if we think that it slightly breaks through the clouds, it can play tricks on us. You probably came back from the beach more than once, all red, although you thought that the sun was barely shining? Exactly. 馃槈

Creams with a filter packed? It is worthwhile for you to stock up on something that will relieve you after sunbathing. We are fans of aloe vera! It ingeniously soothes burned skin after sunbathing and we recommend it in the form of a gentle cooling gel. You can certainly buy it on the spot, if not at the beach, then at the pharmacy.

As fashion fans and trend hunters, we have to cut to the chase. What styles to choose? How to pack a suitcase to the seaside? What, according to the current trends, should be included in it?

We recommend models made of muslin, we have recently fallen in love with this material. It is considered to be the softest and cleanest fabric, and thanks to its open weave it is very absorbent and airy. In addition, it has anti-allergic properties, and its softness and delicacy will cover even the most sensitive skin! <3

You will find it in our projects - e.g. short dress with a Silver Charm binding will delight you not only with the color of the sea breeze and a universal cut, but also with its delicate with a muslin fabric.

If you want to feel at ease and at the same time keep your girly charm - short dress with straps Summer Snowflake will be a great choice, here also the muslin will meet its needs task 馃挭

Not only summer dresses will work at the seaside, but also pay attention to our novelty - muslin kimonos and shorts in various colors. Wild Fields muslin kimono will help you create the perfect holiday outfit - you can wear them as a dress, cover for a swimsuit and combine them with Wild Fields muslin shorts in the same shade of green.

Summer by the beach in such outfits will be full of both original styling, as well as freedom and comfort. When you feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time, the holidays will be very pleasant and you will accumulate a lot of great memories for years to come.

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What to pack for a holiday in advance?

Instead of the sea, did you bet on the mountains? Great! You are probably wondering now what to pack for a vacation in the mountains? We are already in a hurry to answer this question. 馃槈

In the mountains, even in summer, the weather can be changeable. It is worth packing warm sweatshirts and long pants in your suitcase or backpack, such sets will certainly be useful on mountain trails and higher heights.

It is worth taking care of comfort during mountain hiking. We recommend, for example, our tracksuit sets. Sisterhood hoodie will be perfect for any mountain trail. Its beautiful green will fit perfectly into the mountain landscape. Match it with Sisterhood sweatpants and enjoy a comfortable holiday look.

Of course, a comfortable tracksuit is not the only answer to the question of what to take on vacation in the mountains in the summer. Holidays in the mountains can be extremely hot, you must also have things for heat in your suitcase. Light t-shirts, shorts, but also dresses - for lighter trails, sightseeing and going out into the city. 馃槈

In the mountains, hats are also useful, you can put on a comfortable cap on the trail or a stylish hat that will protect you while exploring. We also recommend holiday bucket hats. In our offer you will find an extremely positive Wild Flamingo bucket cap in a strong, energetic pink!

Do not forget about all the accessories that will be useful during mountain hiking, e.g. a water bottle, which you can fill with water straight from the mountain spring during your walk. We hope you now know what to bring to the mountains and what will work best.

What to pack for holidays - list

We already know how best to pack a suitcase and what to pack for a vacation. However, you have probably forgotten something more than once, left the charger in contact or the sunglasses on the table? We will try to avoid it this time.

What to pack and what to bring on vacation - the list will be useful here for sure! It is worth writing down everything so that we do not forget about anything. We recommend that you group the items on the list into appropriate categories. Here are our suggestions:

  • Accessories for sunbathing, for the sun, for the beach, etc. What to take on vacation - list: sunscreen, hats and sunglasses, something after sunbathing, a towel, a bathing suit, a beach bag, a good book, a water bottle and other accessories that will be useful when you are sunbathing.

  • Clothes - make sure to prepare sets before leaving.Then you will not have to think about which blouse to combine with selected shorts and what sandals to wear with a given dress

  • Jewelry and accessories. In summer, it is especially worth paying attention to accessories, colorful hats, shell jewelry, large and stylish beach bags. We can really go crazy during the summer holidays!

  • The most important things: documents, money, chargers, tickets, booking confirmations. This must of course also be on your vacation list.

  • Our tip: when you pack an item, check it off the list, then you will be sure that everything you need is in your luggage.

You already know what to pack for your vacation and the list is ready? Great! So let's go! And we keep our fingers crossed that packing, which many people hate, from now on will be just a pleasure for you. 馃槈

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