Spring and summer are a hot time not only in terms of weather, but also family events. Weddings, communions, baptisms - there are many occasions. However, each such occasion is usually associated with the question "what exactly should I wear?". We will help you in this challenge and tell you what is the right dress code for an event such as a christening.

How to dress for christening?

There is no need to hide - baptism is a very important church celebration, so clothes must be properly selected. It cannot be too pretentious or flashy, so the password " what to wear for christening " should go: everything with subdued colors and polite cuts.

Okay, but what do muted colors actually mean? We already answer: all pastels, earth colors, as well as monochrome colors, such as beige or white. Baptism symbolizes innocence, purity, and integrity, hence bright shades are most often chosen for this type of occasion.

On the other hand, when talking about polite cuts, we meant all items of clothing that cover the shoulders and have safe necklines. However, in the case of dresses and skirts - models reaching at least the knees.


If you don't like longer versions of dresses, compromise. Reach for midi and maxi dresses with slits (or slits) along the leg.

How to dress for your child's baptism?

When the baptized child is our own, we must take into account that we are the center of attention. So what is the best to wear? Something convenient!

Taking care of your baby during the celebration is normal, so you need an outfit that doesn't restrict your movements. In our opinion, a suit set or airy dress will be just right here.

How should I dress for my baby's baptism? Suit set

In NAOKO we have several types of suit sets. For a baptism ceremony, we recommend jacket oversize Make It Happen with pants or cobalt kit Just Imagine .

Oversize Jacket Make It Happen


Keep in mind that shoes also affect your comfort. If you choose pumps - try to make their heel up to 6 cm. Also remember that nothing prevents you from wearing ballerinas, lords or loafers. After all, many types of footwear go well with trousers and dresses.

How should I dress for baptism as a mother? Airy dress

A comfortable dress is one that is closer to an oversize cut. It is also a model of a dress in which the seams are not too tight and the waist is emphasized with an elastic band or a voluntary binding.

An example of such a dress is e.g. our Emerald Dream or WildFlower .


If you dream of wearing a dress for this occasion with a neckline on the back - go ahead, reach for it Remember to put a jacket on it, at least for the duration church celebration.

long dress with Emerald Dream binding

How to dress for christening as a guest?

Both the guests and the parents of the baptized child must follow the same dress code we mentioned at the beginning. So, guest styling must have: subdued colors as well as safe, considerate typeface.

The guest, however, gets lost in the crowd and can afford a bit of madness. What does it mean? A slightly bolder motif on the dress or contrasting accessories.

So what to wear for christening as a guest ? Preferably a dress, suit set or jumpsuit if you don't like dresses. Remember, however, that baptisms are not wedding and in this case it is indicated above all MODE.

maxi dress with frill So Special

Another outfit idea might be shirt and pants. However, do not think that the shirt must necessarily be white and with a collar! It only needs to be subdued, but it can be accompanied by motifs or contrasting inserts. In turn, pants should be kept in a classic cut (such as chino) and of a uniform color.


If you decide to set shirt + pants absolutely do not wear jeans - even if you are a guest. Go only for fabric pants with simple cuts.

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What to wear for a christening as a godmother?

If you are a godmother, like your parents, you will be at the center of attention. However, try not to inflame this impression and use only calm, uniform colors. Of course, nothing prevents you from jumping into something with a minor motive. Remember, however, that you have one of the most important roles during the entire event, so you need to be elegant first of all, and not flashy or extravagant.

Another point you should consider is convenience . After all, a godmother is a huge help for parents throughout the event. So when you ask yourself the question " what to wear for a baptism as a godmother", for a comfortable suit set or a loose dress. Also, remember that your styling should be accompanied by appropriate accessories, such as delicate jewelry or a minimalist handbag.


As godmother, avoid bulky earrings or necklaces. These types of accessories are too bold for such occasions, and when carried on the hands of a small child, they can only encourage him to touch or tear jewelry.

How to match your baptism outfit to the season?

While in summer the matter of clothes for baptism is simple, it gets a bit more complicated in autumn and winter. Finally, in spring and summer, we jump into an airy dress and just wonder what accessories to complement it. And in winter? We begin to wonder how to find an understanding between appearance and not catching a cold.

So how to dress for the autumn christening ?

Regardless of whether you wear a dress or pants - remember to cover it. While it can be quite sunny and nice outside, the temperature in the church can be unpleasantly low.

You can use coat , jacket or elegant cardigan. If you decide to buy a coat, remember that a trench coat is the best at this time of the year, and it fits well with many items of clothing.

What to wear for a winter christening?

In winter, the coat is the main element of baptismal styling. So, for the ceremony, wear one that is not too flashy. Classic cuts such as a diplomat or double-breasted trousers with large lapels will work best here. A coat with a dressing gown cut will also look beautiful, and it will surely turn out to be a comfortable solution.

If you decide on a dress underneath, remember that in winter you can give it a bit more color . After all, you hide it under the heavy material of the coat, and you will only show the final styling in a restaurant with your family.


If you decide to dress in winter, also remember about appropriate tights. Here all patterns fall off, and classic black tights work best.


Don't be afraid to spice up your outfit with a scarf or a hat. Just remember that the scarf should be rather modest and made of smooth fabric (wool, cotton, silk), and that the covering should be a beret, boatswain or a hat rather than a beanie.

Styling for baptism

You already know so much about what is and what is not right, it's time to present you with examples of summer stylizations for baptism . We divided them depending on the role you play during the event, and we also gave tips on what add-ons should be placed.

Stylizations for baptism for mom

Muslin dress Emerald Dust is the perfect outfit for baptism. Preserved in muted greenery, it does not stand out from the crowd in any way. Match the dress with beige accessories, such as a handbag. In turn, as footwear, you can choose ballerinas or sandals with a low heel.

Stylizations for baptism for the godmother

In the case of styling for a godmother, we recommend our shirt with a knot Double Trouble . It will be perfect when you match it with bright pants in white or beige. Additions, on the other hand, can be flesh-colored pumps, a beige purse on a chain and a set of delicate bracelets.

Stylizations for the baptism for the guest

If you're a guest at the baptism, try our suit Diamond Lake You can tie it in many ways, so make sure that the resulting cut has a secure cleavage and also gently covers the shoulders. For this type of styling, for a church ceremony, be sure to take a jacket that will cover your bare shoulders or back. In turn, as accessories, use black high heels or sandals, as well as a minimalist handbag slung diagonally over the shoulder.


We hope that our tips will help you choose your baptism outfit. Remember - no matter what role you play during this event, the rules of elegance and tact are always the same.