Holidays are in full swing. Are you going to the seaside and you don't have any styling ideas? Check out our suggestions.

The first dilemma is definitely choosing the right beach outfit. If you plan to spend your vacation actively (which is the best), choose a comfortable bathing suit. Go for a one-piece outfit or a sporty bikini. There is nothing worse than worrying about your panty strings getting untied while learning to float.

It's good to keep fit before the season. We know surfers look amazing, but remember - it's not that easy to stay on the board. Also take sunscreen with you. When you spend all days on the beach, you don't have to worry about a beautiful tan, but it is still worth protecting your skin from harmful radiation. Plus sunglasses and sneakers. Better leave your wedge sandals at home, remember that you will be on your feet all day :) Forget your favorite leather handbag, put on a spacious, light backpack.

Do not take too much cosmetics with you - the foundation will run off your face on a hot day. Better to go for waterproof mascara. Also remember to use a body lotion as sun and salt water dry the skin.

We associate the surf style primarily with cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts, the inseparable element of which are prints referring to already iconic places such as Venice Beach. Our entire holiday collection is inspired by the Californian coast. You will find shorts emphasizing shapely, tanned legs, comfortable T-shirts with prints and zipped "kangaroo" sweatshirts, irreplaceable during cold, seaside evenings.

When spending your days at the beach and being on the move, choose comfortable clothes that you can quickly throw over your bathing suit. On a hot day, our airy dress with a strongly cut back, beautifully emphasizing the arms sculpted by carrying a surfboard, will be perfect. The straps of a swimsuit in a contrasting color protruding from underneath it are perfectly fine, after all, it's a surf style.

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