The arrival of autumn brings with it many changes, and it is up to us to view them positively or negatively. One of them is the cooling down weather and although fans of summer styling may regret it, it is the season for jackets loved by many! There are so many cuts and patterns available that each of us will find the perfect one for ourselves and discover that cold weather also has its advantages. Because jackets will easily embellish any styling - both those with dresses and those with pants. In many cases, we do not even have to think about what to wear, because our jacket will play the main role. So let's choose wisely!

Fall jacket

The fall jacket can be adapted to the not too cold September weather, but it can also be insulated - perfect for the later months. A great choice is an oversize autumn jacket that will work for any temperature, because we can easily fit a warm sweatshirt under it or sweater . A women's autumn jacket is, for example, a universal ramones jacket, i.e. a leather jacket. It will work for more elegant or casual stylizations.

Nevertheless, the shirt jacket has been a long time favorite at Naoko. Elegant fall jackets are needed in every wardrobe, but let's not forget to add a little color to our fall wardrobe. We can easily do it by choosing one of the shirt jackets that delight with vivid patterns and colors. We can choose a shirt jacket in girly, delicate colors, for example white and pink Sunrise Surprise , or something with a super-colorful print like bestseller Pop of Joy . The latest Naoko collections also feature darker shades, such as black and orange Love on Mars or black and purple Without Glitches . These fall jackets will be an irreplaceable ray of sunshine on colder days. They will reliably brighten up even the most cloudy weather!

Another good proposition for an elegant fall jacket are denim jackets . They will suit many styles - both dresses, jeans or elegant pants, and if we buy one size larger, they will look great on a hoodie. It will be the perfect short fall jacket for the first weeks of autumn, when we are not yet ready to completely abandon summer styles. On our website you will find many proposals of denim jackets, both in classic shades of denim, for example the best-selling Electric Child or unique pink Live Your Dream . With these fall jackets, you can easily take your styling to the next level. Both shirt jackets and denim jackets will fit perfectly with t-shirts, sweatshirts and dresses. In unstable autumn weather, you can also put on layers and wear a zip-up hoodie underneath them to give yourself the freedom to change the number of layers during the days.

Women's autumn insulated jacket

After the transitional summer-autumn weather, it is time for cooler and more cloudy days. During this time, coats or warmer jackets will work. Another option is to choose a light oversized jacket under which we can put a warm sweatshirt - thanks to this, it will serve us longer.

If we are looking for a slightly warmer option for fall, we can opt for a bomber jacket. It is an insulated autumn jacket, which will be suitable for cooler autumn days. On the market you will find many options for bauble jackets in various colors, and Naoko also has great colorful suggestions.Women's autumn insulated jacket in our store is, for example, the black Brave New World Bomber with quilted sleeves. We can put a sweatshirt under it, so it will be extra warm for us. The thing about bombers is that they also suit many styles. We will create great streetwear styling with them, for example for a set of tracksuits and a beanie or other accessories. It will also be perfect for jeans - both tight and baggy. The right bomber will also match many casual dresses. It can be worn with both sports shoes and elegant boots.

An autumn jacket with fur is another option for the coldest days of autumn, but if we do not have one, we can settle for a warm sweater worn under the jacket. In this case, choose a jacket with an oversize cut or a size too large for us.

Women's autumn hooded jacket

An inseparable element of the autumn weather is, unfortunately, rain and wind. In such a case, it is worth taking out jackets with a hood, which will allow you to protect yourself against them. For example, an autumn jacket with a hood is a lightweight parka jacket that will be a good choice for the first few weeks of autumn or when you plan to pack for a trip. The parka will be a good choice as an autumn jacket in the mountains when the weather is not too cold. It works well as an autumn rain jacket during the first autumn rains. The Naoko range includes a selection of parka jackets, such as the classic black Good Flow parka jacket . Parkas are not only suitable for casual and sports stylizations, but are also perfect for autumn dresses . Put it on your dress when you are going out with your friends or planning a trip, for example hiking. If necessary, you will be able to tie the parka around your hips, thanks to which you will have your hands free.

Another option for the fall jacket with a hood will be reversible jackets, which Naoko has a rainbow of colors and patterns, for example Naokogirls favorite - Violet Geo reversible jacket . Reversible jackets are a great choice because they're practically two jackets in one. If you have chosen a colorful outfit and you need a subdued jacket, you can choose the black side, and if your one-color styling needs a bit of tweaking, go for the most colorful side of the fall jacket. Thanks to this, you will never have a problem with a mismatched hooded jacket. At Naoko you will also find reversible autumn camo jackets for all rebels, for example the best-selling Tropical Rain .

Reversible jackets will work well as a sports autumn jacket, but also for the mountains. You can also choose a larger size, thanks to which you can easily fit a warm sweatshirt under it. You will be protected against rain, wind and cold. Reversible jacket will be your most versatile fall jacket with hood.

What autumn jacket?

When the temperature cools down, the question begins to germinate in us - what will be the perfect autumn jacket? The truth is, we won't be able to find one perfect jacket because the autumn weather is very changeable. One day it may be 18 degrees and the sun will shine, and the next day it will be windy and rainy. So it's worth looking for universal fall jackets, but don't expect one jacket to fulfill all functions. So let's get a pair of different jackets and coats - both a warmer bomber jacket and a lighter shirt jacket. However, the question arises as to what pattern or color should we choose.This choice, of course, depends on our own tastes and we should not limit ourselves to the colors assigned to autumn - an autumn jacket with flowers will look just as good, and will also help us keep the spring or summer spirit

The autumn denim jacket will be one of the most universal choices, because classic jeans fit all casual styles. Let's choose a more oversized denim jacket and put a warm sweatshirt under it.

Another universal choice is the checkered autumn jacket - at Naoko you will find black and white checked shirt jackets (for example Adventure Call jacket ) that will suit many styles - both casual and more formal. Their pattern and color will go well with dresses and jeans.

In addition to the universal black fall jacket, the universal khaki fall jacket will also work. The khaki color goes well with dark, grung styles as well as light pink. We can easily use it for very girly dresses and elegant boots or heels. You can choose both a plain khaki autumn jacket or a camo. However, if you are not interested in typically autumn shades, then choose a jacket in a vivid shade that will brighten up cloudy days. For example, a yellow fall jacket or the aforementioned floral fall jacket will be a good choice.

Nevertheless, the most universal choice will be a black autumn jacket - no matter what pattern you choose, it will suit most styles - both neutral and colorful. At Naoko you will find a wide selection of black jackets with unique patterns and inscriptions, so in addition to being universal, they will provide you with uniqueness. Don't let autumn days be boring! Even on the grayest days, choose jackets or coats that will cheer you up and help you survive cloudy weather.

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