Do you remember the sudden cooling down that came a year ago at the beginning of September?
So far it seems that we are safe, but at the end of September the temperatures will certainly drop and you will have to choose warmer jackets for everyday styling! This season, the "onion" look will reign supreme, so the number of layers is included. :)

This year, designers are proposing quilted jackets once again, once associated with a sports style, now suitable for any outfit. When it comes to the exact styles of jackets, they are very, very different! From short jackets perfect for autumn days to extra long quilted coats that effectively protect against the cold.

It is also important not to be afraid to risk and focus on the color accent! An interesting print, color or pattern of quilting will definitely make you stand out from the crowd and give you vitality on dark and cloudy days. In addition, your stylization will take on life and you will show everyone that you have a distance to yourself and that you can play with fashion.

Fleece coats are another proposal, which in fact never goes out of fashion, you can choose a classic beige (camel) coat or choose a more bold, expressive and colorful option. As every year, classic coats are presented in a new way, often designers add inscriptions, patches or patches on them, thus breaking the simple form and adding an edge to their projects!

% m% d,% r — Marketing Naoko