The long-awaited, hot wedding and wedding season is approaching. Did you get an invitation from a sister or friend, and for that - were you asked to take on the role of a witness or bridesmaid? It is a huge responsibility, but also a moment full of joy and emotion. To remember it only in colorful colors - all you need is good organization and ... a dress! Which bridesmaid and bridesmaid dress is right for you? What are the latest trends and universal ways to feel great during the wedding and reception? Discover our tips!

What dress for the witness and bridesmaids?

The witness is also called the bridesmaid. This is the person whose presence makes the marriage oath binding. The witness is a very trusted person for the bride, enjoying her deepest friendship. It is she who most often helps in choosing a wedding dress, organizes a bachelorette party, but also looks after the guests during the wedding. In turn, the bridesmaids at the wedding are the support of the bride and the witness. Most often they help them during the organization of a hen party, take care of children during weddings, or support the witness in taking care of a good atmosphere during the ceremony. Both the bridesmaid and the bridesmaids have a lot of duties during the wedding and reception. It is extremely important that they feel great, comfortable and beautiful that day. Choosing a dress for a witness is not easy - it has to be elegant and at the same time comfortable enough to be able to dance in it freely. There is more freedom in choosing bridesmaid dresses because bridesmaids do not have a formal function. During many weddings and weddings, we can observe that the bridesmaid dresses and the bridesmaid dress are consistent - kept in the same color. It's a good idea if you want to distinguish your best friends from the crowd of guests. Most importantly, the dresses for the bridesmaids and the bridesmaid should be both delightful, but not dominant. After all, it is the Bride that is supposed to focus the eyes of all guests.

Bridesmaid and bridesmaid dress - latest trends

What are the latest trends in bridesmaid dresses 2022? This season is dominated by dresses with delicate, flowery patterns and rather maxi lengths. In addition, it is the time of natural colors and cuts emphasizing the neckline and waist, but also giving a lot of slack! If you like strong colors or short dresses - you will also find something for yourself among the bridesmaid dresses for 2022. When it comes to accessories , small handbags with gold chains are in fashion or this summer's hit - powder clutch bags. And on the dance floor, golden or silver heels and delicate sandals on a high heel will delight perfectly.

When it comes to novelties among bridesmaid dresses, short dresses with a pencil cut emphasizing the figure are in the lead. Back-revealing dresses are also very fashionable this wedding season. 2022 will be remembered as a time of subtle and bold femininity, a time of freedom and elegance, colors and prints that delight! Get to know our offers of dresses for the bridesmaid for 2022 and an overview of new dresses for bridesmaids!

Long dresses for the witness. How to choose?

You want to feel beautiful and at ease at a wedding? Bet on a long dress that will spin in the dance and will always be great!

The perfect, long dress for the bridesmaid combines elegance and minimalism. It emphasizes the strengths of the figure and masks its imperfections, and it delights with details - exposed back, delicate wrinkling ... Our proposal for a long dress for a witness is Infinity Maxi Diamond Lake dress .Match it with silver, long earrings, a delicate necklace and sandals with a silver pin

The second maxi dress for the witness is Birdy's Infinity Maxi Dress with an unforgettable summer pattern. This dress will be perfect for an outdoor wedding. It will benefit from the maritime climate. Pearls will be an addition that will emphasize its flowing, free cut and neckline - this season's hit. A long dress for a witness is the best choice if you are betting on the classics. It is also the best proposition for women who, despite the formal nature of their wedding, want to feel free. The maxi cut is also a great choice for bridesmaids.

A long bridesmaid dress should emphasize the joyful nature of the wedding, emphasize the tan and emphasize the figure. Our selection of maxi bridesmaid dresses is Charming Beauty long kimono dress. What do we value about it? Subtle color and pattern, timeless cut and its versatility. After the wedding and taking off your sandals on a high heel, choose sneakers and go for a pleasant walk!

Long bridesmaid dresses should be delicate yet boring! This combination is linked by Dreamy Delight frill dress . An ideal proposition for dreamers who love summer. Extremely girly, with a delicate floral motif, subtly shiny ... This maxi dress for bridesmaids is the essence of good taste. Isn't it amazing?

Short dresses for the witness. For a civil wedding

Not all of us are looking for a long bridesmaid or bridesmaid dress. Long cuts have many advantages, but not everyone. If you want to emphasize your legs, you don't like the fabric of the dress getting tangled between your legs - choose a short dress for a bridesmaid or a bridesmaid. However, remember not to overdo it and wear a dress that is too short. After all, a wedding ceremony and reception are elegant ceremonies. Check out our suggestions on how to combine good taste and short cut!

The Infinity Mini Diamond Lake dress is a shorter version of the dress that we previously proposed in the section with long models of wedding dresses. This short dress for the bridesmaid, thanks to its subdued color, maintains its elegant character. In addition, the neckline on the back emphasized by clever fabric stripes and a fitted cut make it a model that will be perfect for dancing - so if you are looking for a short dress for a witness who loves the dance floor - this is a proposition for you! You must match it with elegant, silver jewelry.

Ruby is a noble color, so it is perfect for festive occasions. A short dress for a witness can have a deep neckline - use it by choosing a long necklace or a string of pearls, which are very fashionable this season. We propose to combine these accessories with the breathtaking Infinity Mini Ruby Rose dress . This unique color, cut, neckline ... For us, it is one of the best proposals for a short dress for a witness.

Now it's time for some bridesmaid suggestions! For fans of stronger colors, Infinity Mini Forest Dream Dress . Intense green will emphasize the joyful nature of the holiday. Match this short bridesmaid dress with contrasting accessories - white or cream. A clutch bag, large earrings and, of course, large hairbands that have been fashionable for several seasons will go great with it!

If you're looking for a midi bridesmaid dress, the answer is Ocean Eyes Tie Dress in one of the season's hottest colors! It is a perfect proposal for a less formal outdoor wedding.Safe length above the knee, binding emphasizing the waist, floral print and elegant, durable material - this is our recipe for the perfect midi bridesmaid dress!

What color of the dress for the witness?

A wedding is a time of great emotions It happens that in the rush of organizing a thousand things at once, you will leave the search for a dress for the last minute ... If you do, remember about a few important issues so as not to make a blunder. What color of the dress for the witness will not be appropriate? First of all, white is reserved for the bride. Black is also not recommended, because it is associated with sad occasions.

What color of the dress will be appropriate for the witness? The powder pink dress for the bridesmaid is certainly a universal choice. Delicate, summer and elegant color is the perfect solution for weddings. Powder pink and bridesmaid dresses are also a proven combination. After all, this color is the essence of girlishness and joy!

And will the red dress for the witness be appropriate? Here, remember about the appropriate shade of red. The sharp color may disturb the elegant character, but the carmine and ruby ​​shades are a classic that should be taken into account. Do you remember the Infinity Mini Ruby Rose Dress? For us, it is a bull's eye for a wedding and a wedding!

This season, bottle green will reign supreme. A bridesmaid dress in this color, for example the previously mentioned Infinity Mini Forest Dream, will surely delight everyone! If the green bridesmaid dress is not for you - perhaps you will go beyond the scheme by choosing Infinity Forest Dream Jumpsuit ? Match it with golden jewelry and sandals, and the wedding night will be unforgettable!

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