Choosing a coat for a short person is not easy at all. Especially when we reach for a transitional coat made of heavier materials, disturbing the proportions of the figure. Fortunately, there are a lot of styles that, regardless of the season, are suited to shorter people. We will suggest the best solutions so that you can find a way for yourself!

What coat for a short person? The basic rules of

Both tall and short people must follow certain rules when selecting coat . It's good to know them so as not to make a blunder when buying and not to change the model of this cover in your wardrobe every year.

The appropriate cut women's coat can optically extend the torso. It can also affect the better presentation of the silhouette proportions.

What are the golden rules for choosing short person coat ?

First, the length and the themes or patterns used are the most important here. And yes, you have to remember that the best coat will be the one above the knee, in a solid color or with a minimalist motif or partial printing.

Absolutely don't hesitate to apply any patterns or motifs. The principle of their operation is extremely simple: large patterns enlarge (and short people - overwhelm), while small ones - make them slimmer and introduce the desired symmetry.

In our offer you will find a whole lot of coats with small motifs, directly ideal for short people. Classic Flower Flames coat , Island Green tied fleece coat or Rose Garden tied fleece coat meeting the above requirements.

The last rule you should follow when selecting short person coat is to avoid oversize typefaces. This solution is particularly unfavorable for a small and filigree figure, which will only be emphasized by such a coat.


This season's hottest trends are those that dictate saturated colors. Know that they are the most slimming. However, the best effect comes when you combine two colors: less saturated (e.g. beige pants ) and more saturated (e.g. green coat, expressive dresses ). Then one, in key parts, makes you wider, and the other - slims and slims you.

A coat for short girls. What length?

As you found out before - the perfect women's coat for a short person is the one that reaches the knee. You can wear it with any type of footwear, and as we know - everyday comfort is undoubtedly included in the price.

Longer models will require you to have high heels or a minimum height increase.And that every time! Otherwise, the maxi coat will simply overwhelm you and make you look even smaller

Moreover, a similar risk is posed by shorter coats, reaching mid-thigh. Beware of them! Because they dangerously disturb the proportions of the body and make the legs look shorter.

A mid-calf coat will also be of little benefit. Know that the leg will look awkward here as well, and the silhouette itself - massive and heavy.

Long coat for a short person

Absolutely don't buy this coat ! Although you may think that your silhouette will appear more soaring through the maxi coat. The reality, however, will turn out to be completely different, because optically you will take a lot of centimeters. And yet, with a small height, you do not want to shorten, but lengthen.

However, if for some reason you are very insistent on long coat for a short person - as we mentioned earlier: remember that from the moment you buy it, you are doomed to high heels. A long coat will shorten you by a few centimeters, which means that you will have to "make it up" somewhere.

Another way to "loosen up" the disturbance introduced by the maxi mantle is to wear it unbuttoned. Why? Because an unfastened coat creates a vertical line that pulls the entire figure up. However, you will admit it yourself - this solution is only good for the fall or spring season. In winter, it's hard to imagine such an airy stylization.


Know that not only the motif, length or cut play an important role in choosing coat for a short person. Pockets are also important, and there are several types of these: with lapels, oblique and vertical. The latter two act as a vertical and oblique line, thus slimming the hips. On the other hand, the pocket with flaps enhances them.

It doesn't mean, however, that you have to forgo a coat with lapel pockets. Just - hide the flaps inside. This small procedure really effectively distracts the recipient from the more massive hips!

What type of coat for a short person?

Classic styles work best for short people. What does it mean? Single-breasted diplomats with a reversible collar and bathrobe coats above the knee, tied at the waist.

A coat for short girls is also the one with a half-round cut or cut under the bust. In addition, a coat with a strongly marked neckline will turn out to be an excellent base for creating multi-layered stylizations.


When talking about necklines, remember this rule: the more you reveal, the lighter you look. The V-neck is the most advantageous, as it makes you slimmer. And as we know - it is present in the lapels of a classic coat.

Moreover, for the password " what type of coat for a short person ”Should also fall: any typeface with a straight line. Single-breasted coats work best in this case, but there is no clear-cut rule. Why? Because only girls with larger breasts should avoid double-breasted fasteners.

Coat for a short person for different seasons

As we know, every woman from time to time looks for outerwear for a given season Sometimes it is a spring biker jacket, sometimes it is autumn jacket and sometimes a winter coat.

However, if you are a huge lover of coats and you are looking for the perfect coat for a short person, for literally every season of the year - we'll tell you that we probably have it! You do not believe? Well, see: Tropical Rain tied coat put on in autumn and spring, in late summer you will jump into Bohemian Spirit trench coat , and in winter classic Teddy lamb coat .

You can, however, approach the topic a bit more universally and, for example, decide on only one, transitive coat. However, make sure that it is a bit looser, so that on cold days you can wear a thick sweater or a warmer sweatshirt underneath.

In search of winter coat for a short person (or the mentioned transition coat) do not forget about the appropriate accessories or accessories. For slightly cooler days and for a monochrome coat, a colorful hat will be perfect, and for spring time a woolen hat or a minimalist jockey cap will be perfect.

As you can see, short person coat really exists! All you need to do is follow the appropriate rules regarding length, pattern, style or color. Remember, however, that height or body proportions are not a reason for complexes. Because the way we perceive the world and ourselves begins and ends in the head. :-)