There are various fashionable dress designs available on the market that fit different body types. Each of us has strengths and weaknesses in our figure, and the cut of the dresses is the perfect way to emphasize what we like about ourselves and look away from the parts of the body that we are less proud of. The designs of dresses differ in neckline, sleeves and length, but mainly in the shape of the waist and skirts. Thanks to this, each type of figure will find something for everyone. At Naoko you will find the most fashionable styles of dresses, made of original cuts that will easily emphasize your figure, and a very wide selection of different patterns that will emphasize the type of your beauty. When it comes to the styles of dresses, in this article you will learn what cut of the dress is best to choose for your figure so that you can feel beautiful and at ease.

What are the styles of dresses?

We could probably talk about the styles of dresses endlessly. There are various dresses available on the market, which have been fashionable for years or are returning to favors. One of the most popular typefaces is for example flared dress , also known as princess dress. It is characterized by a flared skirt, for example tulle or with a large number of flounces. This is a very popular cut for all kinds of parties, for example, it will work well as a wedding dress. The dress is usually short and sleeveless, but can be sewn in other variations.

Another cut is pencil dress , which probably does not need to be introduced to anyone - it is simply a tight and fitted cut that only ladies who are not ashamed of their figure will choose because the pencil dress does not forgive. We can choose a larger size for freedom, or attach a wider strap to it. A similar cut is tuba , a simple dress that is not that tight.

envelope dress (kimono) - this is a dress cut with a neckline in the shape of the letter V, the sides of which overlap to form an envelope. These dresses can be in a kimono style, for example with a belt, and are a great choice for people looking to mask some of their figure imperfections. This dress will make the shoulders slender, reduce the breasts, mask the tummy, and if it has a binding, it will also beautifully emphasize the waist.

Other dress cuts are for example bauble dress with a skirt enlarging the hips; shirtdress , also called a shirt dress, which combines elegance with comfort; A-shaped dress , also known as a trapezoidal dress, which works well with flat shoes , baskinia dress , with a frill at the waist and perfect dresses for a wedding: mermaid dress tight at the waist but flowing below and empire dress , which cuts off under the waist and has a loose hem.

Dress design names are useful information when looking for the perfect dress for you, so keep reading to find out which of these dresses will suit your body type, and to find answers to questions such as: large breasts, what style of dress for a protruding belly or what style of dress for a short person.

Fashion of dresses for plump

Many women are sure to wonder what the best styles of dresses for plus size are, even if they are not clearly overweight themselves, but maybe, for example, they do not feel well in tight cuts that emphasize every aspect of the body Fortunately, there are many styles of dresses for fluffy, so every larger person has the opportunity to find a cut that will feel great in. So let's not give up dresses because of our extra pounds, because every woman has the right to look beautiful in them.

Dress styles for chubby ladies include A-shaped dresses . It will be an ideal choice for women with an apple-like figure, that is, owners of wide shoulders, abundant breasts, slender legs and without a distinct waistline. The trapezoidal dress will mask a larger tummy and emphasize feminine shapes. If we choose the knee-length version, it will make our legs longer. In the assortment of the Naoko store you will find many different dresses with one or a very similar shape. They not only cover up any imperfections, but are also ultra comfortable, so they will be the right choice for hot or intense days. Many of them are also suitable for flat shoes, both ballerinas, as well as sneakers and sports shoes.

Another style of plus size dresses are all dresses that cut below the breasts and are long to the ground, for example some empire dresses or straight and loose dresses . The cut under the breasts will mask a larger belly, and a loose skirt will hide wide thighs. It is good to add high heels to such dresses, which will make our figure longer and slender.

What cut of the dress will hide the belly?

A protruding belly is a problem even for XS sizes, because it is a place from which it is very difficult to get rid of folds. In some cases, we can choose good slimming underwear, thanks to which we will look proportionally even in very tight dresses. Another solution is to mask the belly with a wider strap on the dress. We can also put on a skirt , which starts above the belly, e.g. flared or with flounces. And if you are wondering what cut of the dress will hide the belly, you do not have to worry, because there are many such cuts. You do not have to limit yourself with slimming underwear, which may turn out to be uncomfortable when worn for a long time.

The design of the dress for a protruding belly is for example the already mentioned trapezoidal or loose dresses, which will work well to distract attention from the entire lower body. Nevertheless, there are good styles of belly-masking dresses that will allow us to expose everything else, or our strengths.

First, the baskinia dress comes to mind, with a frill sewn at the waist to cover the protruding belly. Nevertheless, it is a dress cut designed for women with a distinct waistline, because otherwise this cut will make us much wider. We can opt for a slimming black vest, but people with a slim figure can afford the white color, which looks great in baskinia dresses.

If you are wondering what cut of the dress will hide the belly, but at the same time it will be tight and emphasize your shapes, the choice for you may be pouch dress . It is similar to pencil dresses, but has elements that will mask a light belly. The most common are wrinkles on the stomach, a sewn-in bond or a belt. Thanks to the dresses, the cases will expose the breasts, waist and bottom.We can decide on a super sexy version of such a dress with Spanish neckline , which will also expose our shoulders

Designs of dresses for different types of figures

If you feel too short, too tall or too shapely, you can easily find a dress for yourself - no matter if for a wedding or every day .

What dress for a petite person?

We have already discussed the design of slimming dresses and the design of the camouflage dress, but what if we have the opposite problem and need a dress that will give us shape? For the owners of the so-called boyish figure, we recommend ball dresses , which will widen our hips. The top of the dress is tight and the state is lowered, which will give our figure shapes. Another proven choice will of course be flared dresses , preferably with a belt at the waist. Princess dresses not only can hide too large hips, but also create their illusion when our hips are narrow. Another good choice for a very petite person would be A-line dress , which will also create the illusion of wider hips. Nevertheless, it will not always be a good choice for more elegant occasions, as such a dress on a small person can rejuvenate it and make it look like a child.

What dress for the pear-shaped person?

For a pear-shaped person, we also recommend a flared dress , which will optically reduce the hips and emphasize the waistline. Nevertheless, many pears will also look good with tight-fitting dresses, preferably long ones. These can be, for example, the typical sirens or empire , as well as long dresses with skirt slits.

What dress for a short person?

For people of short stature, mini dresses are best, as they show off the full length of their legs. It is always a good choice for such people to wear heels that will lengthen the figure. Other short person dresses include midi dresses , which in many cases become maxi. If the dress does not reach further than the ankle and we put heels on it, we will make it optically appear much taller. We can also choose a dress with a slit on the skirt, it will also show off the legs. A good dress for a short person is also trapezoidal dress , which will give us proportionality.

What dress for a tall person?

When it comes to tall women, you can focus on emphasizing your tall height or masking it. It all depends on how we feel. For women who want to emphasize long legs, we recommend all mini dresses , or maxi dresses with a pin. It will be more difficult to take a few centimeters away from yourself. Ladies who do not like their tall height should avoid plain-colored dresses, or rather they should choose patterns - floral, geometric or irreplaceable horizontal stripes. Loose dresses with a cut off the waist or with a belt.

will be fine

What cut of the dress for the apple figure?

Apple type ladies can take advice for plump people and opt for a loose dress, for example envelope or A-shaped dress . Wrap dresses will allow you to optically reduce your breasts, emphasize the waist with a belt and mask your thighs with light and airy material - both long and shorter ones will work well.If we want to display slim legs, then trapezoidal dress will mask a larger belly and hips, but will show your legs to the world. slim legs are the greatest asset, so don't hide them.

What style of dresses for the hourglass?

Ladies with an hourglass figure can easily look great in all tight-fitting dresses, even if they wear large sizes. Hourglasses are currently considered the ideal of a female figure, so they can take advantage of this privilege and wear dresses that show off all her strengths. Nevertheless, all styles of dresses that are designed to mask imperfections will look equally good on such a figure. The hourglass will work in any length and will look great in a envelope dress, it can also emphasize the waist with a (not too thick) belt.

Designs of summer dresses

If you are interested in styles of summer dresses, you've come to the right place, because Naoko offers a lot of different proposals that will be perfect for this hot season. See our styling suggestions in the article It’s a match! Sunny outfits for the last days of summer . The styles of summer dresses are not only short dresses - first of all, they are airy dresses made of natural materials, which will allow us to breathe on the hottest days. The best styles of summer dresses are, for example, trapezoidal dresses with short sleeves or shoulder straps. They will give us complete freedom and can be great as dresses to be thrown over a bathing suit. In this case, openwork dresses or lace dresses will be good. The latest styles of dresses can be viewed on our website in the New products category - during the spring and summer months there is a large selection of summer dresses. Great styles of summer dresses are envelope dresses (kimono), which will give us freedom, but at the same time we will look captivating in them. The belt at the waist will emphasize our shapes, but the loose cut is perfect for the hot months.

Designs of dresses for a wedding

If you are interested in fashionable styles of dresses for the wedding, on the Naoko website you will find the dresses for the wedding , you can also see our article on this topic: Dresses for a wedding - 7 proposals in various styles . Depending on the cut and preferences, we can choose the perfect dress. We should choose the styles of dresses for a wedding in accordance with the guidelines for our figure - of course, both long and short proposals will work. Popular choices for short dresses are frills, flared dresses, and pencil dresses which will look great with stilettos. The styles of dresses for a wedding with a long skirt and styles of evening dresses are, for example, empire, mermaid, envelope dress , or long tube / pencil dress . Slit skirts are also a good choice for a party. The styles of dresses for a plump wedding party are different, and one of the good suggestions will be a long dress, for example a typical Empire cut under the breasts. Fluffy people may want to wear a plain-colored wedding dress instead of flashy patterns.

You can follow these simple tips to choose the perfect dress for your body type.A well-chosen dress will not only fit you well, but also reliably give you self-confidence, and this is what adds the most beauty to your styling.Do not be afraid to experiment with cuts and patterns, because each of us is different and has a different beauty and priorities, so do not give up if the cut of the dress, which should add charm to you, will not suit you. Remember that in addition to the cut, the color and pattern of the clothes are also very important factors, as well as what accessories or jackets and coats we choose the outer garment to match it. If you want to find out which colors are best for your wardrobe, read our article on beauty types and find out which shades suit you best. So experiment with colors, stripes and shoes, and you will manage to create the perfect wardrobe. On our website you will find interesting styles of dresses and accessories that will help you in this.

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