The run towards the fashion of the past years, i.e. the cult return of the well-known denim in a completely new, fresh version. Women's denim jacket can become an invaluable addition to many styles. So let's take a closer look at the magic of denim, which has continuously inspired fashion designers and celebrities for decades!

A brief history of the denim jacket

We hope that you will enjoy the return to the fashion of denim jackets as much as we do - supporters of denim styling.

Until recently, short denim jackets were a bit forgotten, but the return to the favors of the trends from the 1980s (of course in a new version) means that today denim is experiencing its second youth.

Going back to the history of the denim jacket, we have to go back to 1905, when Levi Strauss - the creator of the first company producing jeans, launched the iconic 506 denim jacket on the market. Even then, the denim jacket was more like a thick, long shirt. It fit the body well and had two pockets with buttons on the chest. Who was it for?

You may find it amusing that the denim jacket was originally an integral part of the farmer's outfit. Worn with jeans and cowboy boots, it completed the total denim look. The denim jacket was also a must-have for miners, railroad workers and… gold diggers, not to mention cowboys! Later history, and especially the acceptance and adoration of denim jackets by stars such as James Dean and Marylin Monroe, made the denim jacket synonymous with being "cool". In the 1980s, denim jackets entered the mainstream for good, as well as the punk-rock culture.

It has been back in favor for several seasons, and this only confirms that fashion is moving in a circle.

Today we read the denim jacket anew. We dye, add decorative elements such as prints, patches, abrasions. The street fashion denim jacket is an inseparable element of nonchalant and casual styling by influencers from around the world. We are even more pleased that the path from the fashion show to the wardrobe has long been trodden ...

Women's autumn denim jacket - a must have this season!

If you are looking for women's jacket for fall, consider a denim jacket! Why? The denim jacket is a real classic among autumn proposals. It is not only practical, thanks to the high-quality and durable material, but also - looks great! Autumn jackets cannot be overly thick, especially in our climate, where there are often more sunny days even until the end of October. It is much more important that they are durable and serve us for several seasons. As you already know, denim jackets were initially used by miners, farmers and others who worked hard every day. So denim is a really strong material - if you are looking for a jacket for years - fall in love with this material!

Practical arguments are not enough. Today, women's denim jackets reveal their true potential. Various cuts - from classic to oversize denim jackets - as well as colors and styles make each of us find our dream autumn jacket model. If the choice of an autumn jacket is still ahead of you, be inspired also by our suggestions, which we have collected in the articles: What autumn jacket? The most fashionable proposals and What jacket to choose in the coming season? .

Short denim jackets - a timeless choice

The short denim jackets are a real hit. This is the most classic model of this garment.A trucker jacket-style denim jacket is such a universal choice that no fashion swirls or new trends can reduce its popularity. A short denim jacket is best combined in casual styling with t-shirts and jeans. It also goes great with shirts, such as the Silver Lake shirt, and even dresses! We love to pair a short denim jacket with the fall Willow fitted dress. It's true that this is an extremely feminine duo?

Oversized denim jacket - a fashionable alternative

Today, the oversize denim jacket is also gaining more and more popularity. This autumn jacket model is most often available in a long version, reaching the hips. However, outfits with an oversize denim jacket can be very feminine! How to emphasize your figure? Wear mini skirts or matching trousers with an oversize denim jacket. For more nonchalant styles, choose midi dresses, for example Blue Meadow boho dress.

Denim jacket for cold days!

Women's denim jackets have many different faces. And although denim is associated with a durable, but quite thin material, for colder days, it is worth choosing an insulated denim jacket. This model will last you until winter!

An interesting version of the insulated denim jacket is the model with fur. Fur accessories are very fashionable this season - they make the styling look a bit nonchalant. With the right accessories, you will give it an elegant character, while with dark ankle boots on the post and trousers with pipes, the insulated denim jacket with fur will take on a rock style! If you like to emphasize your strong character, choose a combination of an insulated denim jacket with Raspberry Punch blazer dress with an extremely energizing color.

Remember that autumn weather can be capricious, so a denim jacket with a hood is a very practical choice. This practical accessory adds a vintage look to your denim jacket, especially when paired with Lunar Eclipse Pants .

The color of a denim jacket? Don't limit yourself!

For many people, denim means not only fabric, but also color! No wonder - initially, denim jackets and other clothes made of denim had a distinctive blue color and still dominate the shops. However, today's possibilities mean that jeans can delight with many colors!

White denim jackets are a real hit. This color is perfectly combined with the expressive colors of dresses, e.g. Cyber ​​Lime tied dress or Love Affair fitted dress. The white denim jacket also goes perfectly with the French Chick style with the Cashmere Cream shirt.

In turn, the black denim jacket will be a very elegant complement to Angie's waist dress , emphasizing its independent character. The styling with a black denim jacket and shirt and Oak Moss pants will also be an original set. The classic color combination of black and gold in this version will take on an unforgettable character.

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