If every year you face the same dilemma as us, i.e. what to wear for a wedding, corporate party, communion, elegant party, but also festival madness, we have prepared a small guide for you;) As supporters of classic dresses and skirts, we have almost developed almost perfect selection of accessories and accessories. Even a simple classic dress in the style of a little black dress will take on a new character in combination with holiday colors, a distinctive handbag or unique shoes.

Classic dresses - 8 styles

Classic doesn't mean boring! We have found out about it many times - classic dresses have saved us many times when we had to choose what to wear for a company meeting at the last minute, they dazzled many eyes during weddings and events, sometimes they aroused admiration with their modest, but eye-catching elegance, to the next day and with the new accessories , rock style. For personal use, we like to say that the style is in the details - after all, classic dresses and skirts have as many characters as there are accessories! Discover 8 styles with classic dresses from Naoko.

Classic wedding dresses - how to choose accessories?

The first set is our absolute favorite! If you are looking for a classic dress for a wedding, discover Midi Reflection. The combination of the gray of a classic dress goes well with gold jewelry and ... red high heels. It is the shoes with a characteristic color that will make this simple, classic wedding dress remembered by everyone. The styling will work not only at a wedding, you can use it on a date or weekend out with friends.

The second classic dress for a wedding is the Summer Rose dress. Extremely feminine proposal goes well with high heels and a nude handbag. More ideas for wedding stylizations can be found in the text Wedding dress. 7 suggestions in different styles .

Ways of classic formal dresses

The third proven styling with an elegant classic dress will delight you at banquets, dinners for two in an exquisite restaurant, or at a corporate exit. The envelope cut of the classic Chasing Stars formal dress is perfect for fans of timeless style. The binding at the waist emphasizes the figure, and the characteristic bottom of the skirt slims and optically lengthens the legs. You only need high heels - black or nude and you are ready to dazzle with your appearance!

For fans of lighter colors, our fourth classic evening dress is Dusty Pink. This elegant, classic dress captivates with its timeless cut and eye-catching, yet delicate color. To emphasize the style of this classic evening dress - match it with gold jewelry and high heels.

Classic dresses for work

Which of us did not have to choose the perfect classic dress for work? It must be elegant and comfortable at the same time, attractive, but not ostentatiously. And yes, our fifth choice is the holy grail of classic work dresses. The Waisted Love Spell dress draws attention with its juicy, unique color. The timeless cut, small neckline, and the right length make it your favorite elegant everyday dress from the very first time.

If you prefer softer colors, we suggest the long waisted Aurora Glow dress. This classic blue dress impresses with its cut, maxi length and details.

Classic summer dresses - 2 ideas from NAOKO

The seventh and eighth suggestions are for girls who enjoy summer in their souls, festival madness and holiday adventures! When the warm rays of the sun remind you of ever shorter nights, it is worth having classic summer dresses with you, thanks to which your memories of the most beautiful period of the year will be even more beautiful!

For your favorite summer festival, it is worth wearing a tailored Carmine Love dress. In addition, a black biker jacket and pumps on a high post, as well as red lips that will make you steal the show and feel the queen of the party. In turn, with the addition of a wide-brimmed hat, openwork sweater and sandals, this classic summer dress will show its romantic nature. You have that nature too? Be sure to find out more about extremely romantic Spanish dresses. Read Spanish dress - how to wear it? .

Our last offer is a long, classic summer dress. Infinity Sun Kissed is a creation that cannot be ignored. Thanks to the multifunctional sash, this classic summer dress offers endless styling possibilities. In summer, pair it with delicate high heel sandals and gold jewelry. Get more ideas on how to combine maxi dresses by reading Long and airy dress. Discover our .


Finally, remember about the timeless solution. You can combine a small black one with any color. Choose your favorite one, it doesn't have to appear in every element of your outfit. Neon pink in accessories will be perfect for a party, elegant red - for an evening out, and pastel blue for everyday use. Experiment with color and accessories, and classic dresses will serve you on many very different occasions!

Be sure to let us know which look you like the most.

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