When spring is approaching through the windows, we follow with bated breath what is happening in the world of fashion. We also come back to those clothes that are timeless and look great every season. Since 2019, when livingcoral was the color of the year of the year, Pantone, an amazing warm peach color suspended somewhere between pink and red, we knew that we would come back to it every spring. The nude color, i.e. beige, is a universal base for creating unique stylizations. Are you ready to review the most fashionable nude styling?

Nude color - what color is it?

What does the flesh color look like? Shades of nude color remind us of sunny stylizations, warm walks and timeless, effortless elegance. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? We can say that we have been experiencing a beige renaissance since 2019. Recently, the nude color was so fashionable in 2009, and then for 10 years it was not too loud. Unexpectedly, designers such as Riccardo Tisci from Burberry (who started this trend by introducing a collection in 50 shades of nude color), Ian Griffiths from Max Mara and Olivier Rousteing from Balmain fell in love with the nude color. And so do we!

Nude dresses - classic


For fans of minimalism, our first proposal, a beige total look, will be perfect. Combine the classic long, airy dress in nude color with nude accessories and accessories - shoes, handbag, jacket - nude color from head to toe will not be boring when you add an original cut and texture to the styling. Maybe it's your dream styling for a wedding ?

Fans of strong color can be inspired by our second proposal, which is a combination of a nude dress with expressive accessories. This season, pastels are in fashion, as well as neon lights! Any color, even the boldest, goes well with a nude dress. Discover more classic dresses and skirts from Naoko.

Flesh colored pins

Flesh-colored stilettos are a must have for every wardrobe. Put them on the dress to optically extend the legs. Flesh-colored high heels go great with a nude wedding dress or evening dress.

Flesh-colored shoes can also have a sporty character. Combine them with a nude sweatshirt and tracksuits to feel how the soft color soothes and puts you in a good mood.

Nude blouses - a great addition to many


T-shirts and shirts are the basis. Always have at least one nude shirt in your wardrobe and choose a classic with a modern twist. Choose a simple cut and original detail (embroidery, buttons), thanks to which the flesh-colored blouse will become a unique base for many styles. Our fifth proposal is a casual look - a combination of classic jeans and a loose coat with a nude blouse.

It is worth having at least one fleshy top in your wardrobe. For elegant styles, get inspired by the sixth look from Naoko - combine a simple, silk nude top with a pleated midi skirt and stilettos.

Nude tracksuits - 2 types

Nude tracksuits are a must for fans of sporty style and comfort. If you also love minimalism and ... the Harry Potter series, you must have Gryffindor nude tracksuits from NAOKO in your wardrobe. The basis of the seventh styling is a beige model of nude tracksuits with iconic prints.

In turn, our latest proposal - Light Dreamer hemp sweatpants were created for women who value naturalness above all else.The material with hemp fibers and a melange pattern is a guarantee of comfort and well-being. Put on a warm sweater and you are guaranteed a pleasant evening!

Classic nude dress, sexy nude stilettos, or maybe extraordinary nude tracksuits, nude tops, hats and scarves or sweatshirts and pants ? ... Are you already planning outfits with accessories and nude clothes?

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