Colors affect the human body. They can have a therapeutic effect and thus have a positive effect on our well-being. You just need to get acquainted with the emotional charge hidden in a given color and skillfully use it in your wardrobe.

Have you ever wondered how the color of your clothes affects your mood?

Note that after you reach certain shades in autumn or winter when your mood is closer to blue monday. And you choose completely different colors when there is a sunny aura outside the window. Our goal is to make you feel good all year round! And all the atmospheric drops were raised by the vibration of the appropriate color. The colors speak for themselves, they can drive us or calm us down, soothe or stimulate us. Colors have a power in them, and thus - a specific energy charge.

Do you need balance and peace? Or maybe delicacy or creativity? Positive attitude, energy and power to act? - Pretty please! Take care of your well-being and consciously color your reality (wardrobe) anew. Positive attitude and energy are at your fingertips. Nay! You don't have to do anything, just activate color therapies and the power of endorphins flowing from your wardrobe will be with you :)

Check how certain colors affect our well-being and what messages they convey.

Green / fairytale green / matcha green

Restores energy balance. Symbolizes freshness and development. Green is associated with peace, relief and relaxation. In some circles, green is considered a metaphor for rebirth, and thus new life. It gives you absolutely green light! Go for things in all shades of green.

Bubblegum pink

Ode to our girlish sensitivity. A symbol of subtlety and the feminine side of power. Pink is soft, sweet and charming. Illuminates and spreads an ethereal aura. It adds softness and soothes. It fights negative thinking and any anxiety (I have checked myself many times - it works). Let's look at the world through rose-colored glasses! Let us wrap ourselves in the delicacy of pink.

Very Perry

Mentor of global innovation and ongoing transformation. This color is leading the change. It will stimulate creativity, inspire and encourage you to make bold changes! Very peri awakens us to a creative life and opens the door to new possibilities.

Sparkling grape

Belongs to the violet family. It has a lot of magenta in it. It will strengthen the spiritual and mental spheres. Has as much courage as prestige and as much extravagance as support. If you need glare - this color is for you.

Flames (orange)

A combination of joyful yellow and strong red. The first association with this color is, of course, EMOTIONS. It is impossible to pass by indifferently. It attracts attention and makes us optimistic! Orange is like a happy song on a rainy day. It motivates, gives vigor and self-confidence. If you need layers of positive energy, joy and smile, this color cannot be missing in your wardrobe.

Supersonic blue

A color filled with peace. Calms and soothes. It has a calming and relaxing effect. Brightens and calms thoughts. This color contains seriousness and balance. This color paints the success.


Stands guard on the purple side of the pink. If I were to describe fuchsia in one word, it would be courage.Fuchsia is like a modern woman. Ready to act, strong, hellishly intelligent, funny, with a slight hint of defiance. Fuchsia is also a symbol of inner strength, and how much courage this strength requires from us - it is not only fuchsia :)

Use the color properties

raise your vibrations and take advantage of them.

Excess color desirable!

3… 2… 1… start!

Color therapy activated.

Author: Marta Pojnylik

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