If you think coloring is an activity for kids, we encourage you to think again! Coloring books for adults have been gaining popularity over the years because they have many advantages for our well-being and even health. Coloring is one of the simpler and less demanding methods of art therapy - therapy through art. For coloring, we only need a few crayons and one sheet with a pattern, and we can create something creative that will give us a sense of fulfillment. It's like putting together a puzzle set! Without artistic talent, years of exercise and financial outlay, we are able to live artistically. After just a moment of coloring, you can see the effects of our work, which will undoubtedly improve our well-being. Holding something we have created in our hand is one of the best feelings in human life. So let's give adult coloring books a chance.

Health effects of coloring

Contrary to appearances, coloring has a significant impact on our well-being, but also has positive health effects. So let's not be mistaken that only children can benefit from coloring. Even if it seems surprising - it is a great stress relief exercise . Coloring affects a part of our brain called the amygdala that is responsible for negative emotions such as aggression, stress and anxiety. During coloring, we are in a state similar to meditation - we get rid of the thoughts that torment our mind. It allows us to calm down and calm down and let our thoughts calm down after hard and stressful days.

In addition, the coloring affects both hemispheres of the brain and requires them to work together. One hemisphere is responsible for the logic we use to stay in the lines, and the other is responsible for creativity, i.e. what colors we choose. This has a positive effect on our motor skills and improves our eyesight .

If you are having trouble falling asleep, you shouldn't use any electronic devices before going to bed, as the light they emit reduces the amount of the sleep hormone melatonin. Additionally, we may come across stressful, overwhelming, or even exciting news before going to bed that will keep us awake. Instead, choose coloring before going to bed! This relaxing activity will significantly improve falling asleep and overall sleep comfort .

Coloring requires focus, but not enough to be stressful. It opens up your frontal lobe that controls organization and problem solving, and allows you to put all other things aside and live in the moment by generating focus. This allows our overall focus to improve significantly on , which is worth taking into account.

Art Therapy - what is it?

Art therapy has been gaining popularity since the 1940s. It has a positive effect on the well-being of children and adults, can have a positive effect on mental health and is used in many diseases related to anxiety, stress or emotional problems, such as depression, anxiety or PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome). But art therapy has positive effects not only for patients suffering from psychological problems. They will have a positive effect on everyone's well-being and health.

Coloring is just one element of art therapy, but there are many more, so there is something for everyone. In addition to such non-demanding tasks as coloring or sketching, we can try our hand at collage, painting and drawing, photography and even pottery, modeling or sculpting. We can buy basic tools that will help us try our hand at these areas, but over time they can turn into a hobby.In this case, we can check whether there are no activities related to this topic organized in our area. It will turn out that something we started to do to de-stress will turn into a real skill, the effects of which we will be able to admire with friends. However, be careful that the pressure to improve your skills does not have opposite effects to the original assumption - always treat art as fun. Nevertheless, obtaining the effects of this game, which we can hold in our hands, put on a shelf, or hang on a wall or refrigerator, will fill us with a sense of fulfillment, which reliably improves our well-being and comfort of life.

We don't need artistic skills or professional equipment to start coloring. We can end up halfway through the drawing if we get tired and that's okay too. We can take the coloring book with us on a trip or to work. It will be a great activity to kill time, de-stress, and maybe even the beginning of our adventure with art. Just give the coloring a chance, grab the crayons and color your world!

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