Warm summer evenings are slowly giving way to earlier and earlier dusk, the mornings became suddenly brighter. Unfortunately, summer is slowly coming to an end. However, before we plunge into the gloomy mood of short, rainy days, one of the most beautiful seasons awaits us, not only outside the window, but also in the wardrobe.

Fall colors

With the new season, new colors, patterns and textures are coming. Warm autumn colors that blend in perfectly with the skin that is still tanned from a recent holiday, will make the first autumn days extremely stylish.

This autumn the most beautiful shades of caramel, burgundy and beige will reign. They found their way to comfortable sweatshirts, airy dresses, as well as quilted shirts and jackets.


One of our favorite fabrics this fall is satin. Extremely pleasant to the touch, shimmering with autumn colors, perfect for many occasions. You can wear our satin dresses both to work, to the university and to the big events. It is enough to put on delicate high heels and gold jewelry to create a classic look.


If you only associate quilting with boring winter jackets, it's time to change it. This fall we play with the topic to the fullest. Do you like classic stylizations? We have coats quilted with simple squares for you. Do you prefer cooler clothes? Check out our warm quilted jackets with irregular diamonds or a combination of two types of quilting. There are many possibilities.

We hope that we have convinced you at least a little that the upcoming season is not only gloomy colors, but a whole lot of beautiful, autumn colors.

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