Subtle lines, minimalist patterns and simplicity of form - line art combines them, which won the hearts of many artists and designers, as well as ours. We have already smuggled this art form in our previous collections and with time we only strengthen in our love for it <3

What exactly is line art? These are monochrome drawings made up of only a line - there are no colors, no shading, no small details or gradients. Their delicacy and sensuality leaves a lot of room for individual interpretation and stimulates the imagination, which is why they were quickly adapted by tattoo artists! Yes, line art has become a huge hit in the tattoo world, and the minimalist style (also known as the linework style) has become one of the top tattoo forms, especially among women, due to the subtlety and femininity that distinguishes it.

The relationship between lineart and fashion is also interesting, as not only line art appears in fashion, but also fashion appears in linear! Beautiful illustrations of various styles made with this method of drawing inspire us a lot and we probably will never get enough of them.

How do you perceive such an art form? Are you so infatuated with it? We are over the top;)

% m% d,% r — Marketing Naoko