Love for fashion initiated the existence of our clothing brand NAOKO. It is she who is the greatest inspiration that gives us the strength to act and ideas that over time turn into unique projects. We strongly believe that thanks to this attitude, NAOKO is not only our job, but above all a dream come true of creating fashion with passion for exceptional women!

We are extremely lucky that we can do what we love every day, so we want to transform our work into something good, not only for you - our clients, but also for people, pets and our planet! When designing new collections, we want a part of the income from their sale to support the charity we have chosen.

See what initiatives we support! Perhaps your purchases at NAOKO supported one of them?


This action is entirely our original project, which we are very proud of. We know how the clothing industry affects the environment, so we want to do everything we can so that nature can get something that we have lost through us. As a responsible brand, we try to reduce the amount of waste produced, which is why waste segregation has become our habit. In addition, we limit the use of foil, and cardboard packaging is reused by us. A very important aspect of our production is local operation, thanks to which we cooperate with Polish sewing factories and material suppliers, thanks to which we can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, which has a negative impact on water sources and vegetation.

Taking care of nature is not only a temporary fashion for us, so this spring you will be able to see the effects of the second edition of Plant A Tree , thanks to which each product sold from the fall-winter collection is 1 tree planted by us! So far, we have managed to plant as many as 22,500 of them! Already in May 2021 you will be able to see how many trees we can plant this time!


We help girls today so that they can conquer the world tomorrow! Have you decided to buy clothes from the cute Powerpuff Girls collection? If the answer is yes, then you can be proud of yourself! By purchasing clothes from the Powerpuff Girls collection, you supported the Kosmos for Girls Foundation, which helps girls to be themselves, to grow up feeling self-confident and empowered. It is thanks to such activities that young generations of girls can make their dreams come true and fully use their dormant potential! Together, we managed to collect as much as PLN 17,000 , which went to the Kosmos For Girls Foundation. Thanks to each of you for your support, you are the best <3 #naokogirls


By choosing clothes from the spring collection You Are Magic , you supported the unique One Day Foundation, which helps you enter into adulthood for young people from orphanages and care facilities. The Foundation not only supports their education, but also prepares them for a safe start into the future! Importantly, it gives young people hope and helps them believe that their dreams can come true! Thanks to your purchases, you helped the foundation in the implementation of vocational courses for young people becoming independent.


If you have completed your wardrobe with clothes from the Into The Wild collection, then you are in the great group #naokogirls, which supported PROJECT C.A.T with their purchase and helped Animal Planet take care of the wild tigers.Each product sold is a financial support for the foundation, which cares about ensuring and maintaining a healthy and sustainable living environment for the present and future generations of these beautiful cats. Thanks to this action, we have also increased awareness of the important role tigers play in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem.


Thanks to this initiative, we wanted to share with you our love for dogs! We designed a special line of "True Friend" T-shirts, which supported the action of the Unwanted Forgotten Foundation . If, like us, you love animals and decided to buy a T-shirt, then know that in this way you donated 2 kg of food to the foundation! Helping is easy isn't it?


The pandemic situation surprised us all, while at the same time proving to be a test of our perseverance and solidarity. That is why we decided not to remain indifferent to the difficult situation in which the Polish health service found itself. For the needs of the campaign, we prepared a special TOGETHER T-shirt, and we donated 100% of the income from sales to the support of medics. Thanks to your commitment, we were able to purchase personal protective equipment for the hospital in Działdowo for over PLN 35,000.

We haven't said the last word yet! Stay tuned to us to learn about future collaborations with unique foundations!

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