Hello Monia, a few days ago we returned from a trip to the Bieszczady Mountains. Since I added the first stories on Instagram with BOHO HOUSE in Ustrzyki, you keep flooding with DMs with questions about where we were and how we spent this time with the entire NAOKO team.

That's why we decided to tell you a little more about our first autumn trip!


The place was not accidental - we chose Ustrzyki Dolne, which is the last town before entering the beautiful and wild Bieszczady Mountains. It was supposed to be a weekend devoted to self-development, training and relaxation… but it was equally important for us to spend time together.

Wyjazd w Bieszczady

On Friday, we started our weekend with yoga and Wim Hof's breathing practice in the beautiful, cozy interior of the Boho House foyer. Despite the long journey, after the classes, fully relaxed, we were able to enjoy the hospitality of our hosts - who prepared an amazing dinner for us - and what deserves special mention - not only did they manage our long wish list, but made it a great time with their commitment, which we spent together talking in the dining room by the fireplace until late at night.


Saturday was going to be a busy day and our schedule was tight, so we couldn't enjoy a long lazy breakfast in a comfortable bed. However, we were quickly rewarded by the extraordinary stress-coping classes, during which we learned not only how to recognize negative behavior patterns, but also how to maintain a high level of energy while adapting to new conditions.

bohohouse śniadanie

At NAOKO we love adventures. That is why we were glad that we were able to take advantage of the beautiful Bieszczady weather and during the break between classes, some of us went on a trek to the nearby peak Gromadzyński Ski Lift, other groups visited the center of charming Ustrzyki, and others went to admire the picturesque reservoir by the Solina River and indulge in the most autumn entertainment - mushroom picking!

After returning to the hotel, there was a bonfire with a real vegetarian (and not only!) feast, a hot tub that we used until late at night and a sauna! This day couldn't have ended better!

BohoHouse balia

Even though the arrival of Sunday meant going home inevitably, we didn't want to waste even a moment and started with yoga classes and learning breathing practices, which we did before breakfast!

Hotel Boho house said goodbye to us not only with a delicious breakfast, but the pleasant atmosphere we experienced there, stayed with us for longer - each of us received a bag of bath salt. And the scent of roses accompanied us all the way home.


Have you spent an active weekend with things from NAOKO? Let us know in private messages on Facebook or Instagram - we will be happy to get to know your favorite travel destinations, and if you agree, we will show your photos on our social media!

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