Admittedly, 2018 has been going on for a few days, but only now have we found some time to calmly think about this difficult question - what next? And since New Year's resolutions are usually forgotten after a week, we decided to go a step further and make New Year's PLANS! Because plans are being realized! :)

As you probably know, we are quite a creative team, so the plans will not be what you might expect :)

  1. We will be great FIT. Walking in a tracksuit also counts as being fit, right? We also plan to move even more boxes, we are finally packing more and more orders - this is our favorite office sport, it's called the COURIER WALK.
  2. We will create a lot of beautiful projects that will accompany you for the coming months. We want to provide you with new inspirations more often. After all, the creation process is our favorite stage in every collection, which means more frequent releases :)
  3. Our main goal for this year is to get shipping as fast as possible. After the experience of last year, we have learned many valuable lessons. In the near future, we intend to implement several solutions that will allow us to operate more efficiently. We are also preparing a little surprise, more details soon.
  4. We are going to take you to other beautiful places. Maybe it will create a series of entries on the blog "Podróże z NAOKO"?
  5. Do you know that we once sent a newsletter entitled "TOP 5 of the sale hits" with ... 4 suggestions? Another plan is NOT to make such mistakes on the blog, Facebook, newsletters.
  6. Additionally, we intend to visit the neighboring bakery a bit less frequently. We stop cheating, a 20-meter walk for a donut will not allow you to burn even a single bite.

What are your plans or resolutions?

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