Mandatory element of each season. It can be classic, sporty or elegant. His version is not as important as his presence. Ladies, the presence of the coat is obligatory both in this and in the following seasons.

It is worth finding a model that is perfectly tailored to your needs because the coat, like accessories, can enhance any outfit. Except that the coat can be seen from a distance.

By the way, in my opinion, the coat is one of the most underrated pieces of clothing. We forget that it is no one else but the coat itself is in the foreground when we go for a walk, greet at a restaurant, take it to the cloakroom or hang it on a chair. First you see our coat, and only then the rest.

What about trends?

Flowers, flowers and more flowers. Flowers in the latest NAOKO collection are scattered from dresses to coats! A coat with a flower motif is an absolute must have. It will add lightness, girlishness and freshness to your styling.


I don't have to persuade a lover of pink :) Classic fleece coat the pink escape combination of fuchsia, beige and pink is a real poetry. This coat should be a manifesto for all introverts. He speaks before we can say anything.

This type of coat does all the styling. You can combine it with a tracksuit or classic jeans. Here, each connection looks stylish.

Are there enthusiasts of details here? If every detail matters to you, I must introduce you to myself: Tied fleece Rose Garden coat. Every detail counts here. Like a classic coat, but the collar is full of roses, it attracts attention. This is a great proposition for girls who love floral prints but are looking for things with a delicate accent.

One button coat without belt? A great proposition for girls who need more freedom. Speaking of freedom, the classic Destination Unknown coat comes to mind. The world belongs to the brave.

What shoes should you wear fleece coats with? It depends on the nature of the entire outfit.

Casual styling:

Colorful or white sneakers, sneakers, hiking boots, moccasins, loafers on a trapper sole.


Boots, high heels, ballerinas, cowboy boots, Chelsea boots.

As you can see, one coat gives you many possibilities.

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