The Unwanted and Forgotten Foundation is a place full of love, where over 80 animals find shelter! If you are from Lodz and its surroundings, you must visit this place and experience its magic.

Shelters are always associated with overwhelming sadness and fear ... You will not experience it in the Unwanted and Forgotten, here dogs bark with a smile, cats have a beautiful kiosk, pigs eat as much as they want and Marian the goat reigns on instagram. Each student has his name, history and place. Everyone is waiting for the real home, but they spend their days in peace and with a smile!

People who create the foundation are passionate people who at all costs try to provide their dogs with proper care and a lot of fun!

Remember that you can help in various ways, if you want to find out more, be sure to contact the foundation, arrange a visit and maybe you will discover a new passion or meet your future, best friend. <3

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