New collection "Sisterhood" created in collaboration with the Powerpuff Girls is now available. Do you want to know what the title Sisterhood means to us?

Sisterhood is our superpower. Team NAOKO is almost exclusively women, inspiring and strong. The last intense period of preparations for the premiere of the new collection only confirmed us that together we are unbeatable. Working at NAOKO, we also meet a lot of other amazing girls, clients, bloggers who give us a huge kick of inspiration and power.

Sisterhood is also for us sisterly feelings, kinship of souls and friendship for life. Just like the Powerpuff Girls fight evil together, we also support each other. We also have our superpowers, maybe not as effective as shooting lasers from our eyes, but just as useful;)

Brave sisters also made their way to the catwalks of world designers, becoming an inspiration for, among others, Jeremy Scott, who created a cartoon collection for Moschino. From Polish designers, the collections with Powerpuff Girls have already been created by Bizuu, Reserved and Sabrina Pilewicz, whose amazing Powerpuff bags have stolen our hearts.

We still have some of our favorite Atomic facts for you.

It was close, and Brawurka's name would be Robak. The originator of the series wanted the girl to have a name that would match her aggressive tomboy character. Unfortunately, other people working on the cartoon did not like the name Bug, and she got the name Buttercup (Dandelion).

The Powerpuff Girls were created by Professor Atomus, who intended to create the perfect girls. Pushed by monkey Jojo, he accidentally smashed secret Compound X, which got into the Powerpuff mixture. Thanks to this, girls have a lot of superpowers, such as great strength, the ability to fly, which allow them to fight their enemies.

In one of the episodes of Brawurka, she knocks out the teeth of the other heroes to exchange them for coins thanks to the Tooth Fairy :) In the end, she goes to the dentist herself. Apparently, many children, after watching the terrifying scene with a huge dental drill, were more focused on brushing their teeth.

Girls have different names in different countries. In the Polish language version, it was ensured that they had names beginning with the letter B, as in the original. But for example Italy is called Molly, Lolly and Dolly.

Our favorite villain, Mojo Jojo, was inspired by Dr. Gori, a mad scientist from the monkey planet from the 1970s Japanese TV series "Specterman".

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