Find Your Way is the name of the newest and last collection of this hot summer. The name symbolizes the willingness to always follow your path, follow your heart and constantly get to know yourself anew.

This time we took the photos for the campaign in hot Cyprus, where the sun, wind and sea water tugged our hair and touched our bodies. We were in constant motion and in two days we managed to get to know the entire southern part of the island.

The heroine of our session is Paula Jagodzińska, who, like us, feeds her soul with travels. The amazing team that she creates with her husband has resulted in beautiful postcards, which for us are full of wonderful memories.

Between one beach and the other we discovered an amazing, wild canyon, which took us into its abyss, gave us a respite from the heat and charmed us with its beauty.

We couldn't ask for anything more, all the landscapes that we gradually discovered while constantly moving were breathtaking and created an incredibly atmospheric scenery for our photos.

This summer our motto is to smile and move, we don't want to stop, we want more and we do everything to make our dreams come true.

Our proposals, for every traveler, this time include delicate, airy dresses revealing a sun-splashed back and comfortable t-shirts in colors emphasizing the golden shade of the skin.

Inspirational travelers:

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