In the last edition, we managed to plant 40,000 trees in one of the forests in the Łódź Voivodeship and this year we want to try to break this record!
We know what our industry has an impact on the environment and we want to do everything we can to help mother nature in return. That is why we come out with the Plant a Tree initiative - for each sold item from the fall-winter collection, we will plant one tree! Together, we can create a new, magical forest that will serve us with its gifts.
Forests are an integral part of our ecosystem, which not only is home to countless animals, plants and fungi but also provides us with the oxygen we breathe. In addition, forests are a natural protection against floods and other climate changes - for example, they allow the Earth to cool down.

This is the third time!

In the first edition of we managed to plant 22500 trees, and in in the second edition of already 40,000! We were super surprised by this number, but we believe that we will be able to create the difference again, which is the permission for the development of tens of thousands of trees.
Trees not only positively affect the environment, but also human health. In addition to the fact that his gifts are used to produce many important medicines, walks in the woods themselves have a positive effect on our health. They reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve our immune system.

Naoko is a conscious choice

We are happy that we have a chance to positively influence the environment and we hope that with your help we will be able to achieve something amazing! Because we can only achieve true happiness when we begin to share it with others.

Naoko has always strived to be the most conscious brand. We choose knitted fabrics from Polish, family-owned companies (thanks to which we reduce pollution related to long-distance transport), our polyesters come from recycling, and when packing we limit the use of foil to the maximum. We recycle all cardboard and packaging and separate waste.

We want you to know that our products are a choice for people who are aware and committed to environmental protection.
We can't wait to share the effects of Plant a Tree vol. 3 with you. !! If you are curious about the fruits of our joint work, follow us on social media: on Instagram and Facebook .
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