Over 45,000 trees planted during the last edition of PLANT A TREE, and we are already starting the 4th edition of this event! Will you join? This year we want to plant even more!

We are aware of how the clothing industry affects the environment and we want to neutralize its negative impact as much as possible. That is why we take action again and start with the Plant a Tree!


What is the Plant a Tree action?

The rules are very simple! With and each sold item from the fall-winter collection, we will plant one tree! Together, we will create a new, magical forest in the Łódź Province.

This is the 4th edition of Plant a Tree

During the first edition of the campaign, we managed to plant 22,500 trees, and in the second edition - 40,000, in the third - 45,000! We hope that you will help us plant even more this year. Each product from the fall-winter collection sold is one tree planted. We hope to replant a new, large and unusual forest.

Together let's take care of forests

Forests are an integral part of our ecosystem, which is home to animals and plants and, above all, produces oxygen. Forests are also a natural protection against floods or climate change - for example, they allow the Earth to cool down. They have an invaluable effect on our health - nothing lowers the level of stress like a walk in the woods. Contact with nature can also lower blood pressure and improve immunity. We all benefit from the fact that there are more trees around.

NAOKO is a conscious choice of

We are very happy that once again we can do something good for the environment together. Naoko has always strived to be the most conscious brand. We choose knitted fabrics from Polish, family-owned companies (thanks to which we reduce pollution related to long-distance transport), our polyesters come from recycling, and when packing we limit the use of foil to the maximum. We recycle all cardboard and packaging and segregate waste. We want to do even more good for the environment and we keep our fingers crossed so that Plant a Tree vol.4 is the perfect opportunity for this.

We will be sharing with you the effects of Plant a Tree vol. 4 on our social media today! If you are curious about the action, follow us on Instagram and Facebook .

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