1. The first joint trip this year is amazing Israel, which surprised us with its diversity, wonderful weather, delicious cuisine and breathtaking views. It was our second trip with Paula and Radek and we must admit that we got close <3

  2. Another trip and another surprise! We went to Italy to the wonderful island of Capri with a mega team - Karolina Pisarek (top model), Kinga Wasilewska (photographer), Monika Kropat (makeupist) and Dishairproject (perfect backstage!)

    Here is a video from our trip <3

  3. Another trip to Morocco for a special edition of the NAOKO session because the session took place at the qualifying rally for the DAKAR rally! <3 Beautiful Kasia Tutak in the lead role and the first joint session with Gabi Lindner (which we will not be able to breathe until the end of the year <3)

  4. In Crete, we relaxed more than we took pictures, but also some of them were created there! There was also a blog entry about Crete --->

  5. The trip to Cyprus is definitely one of the most intense trips, maybe that's why I remember it so much because I went very sick and came back even more "chorus", infecting the whole plane, including Paula and Radek: P
    Photos from Cyprus are one of my favorites <3 you can see them

  6. In the meantime, we visited the USA several times <3 it was a wonderful experience and the most distant trip this year <3 We must return to the ROADTRIP trip for a longer time!

  7. We went to Paris with Gabi and we visited one of the largest textile fairs in Europe there, it was a very inspiring trip. We also met wonderful Polish models living permanently in Paris, Gap Brejdygant and Dominika Wycech.

  8. One of the last trips this year is a trip to captivatingly beautiful Norway! Paula and Radek defeated themselves this time and we created another beautiful photos together <3

  9. This year was wonderful, first of all, thanks to you, you took us to the greatest number of places <3
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