Open arms are an absolute must have this season. However, if you are not convinced of it, we will tell you what to choose.

The most classic neckline revealing the shoulders is the so-called Spanish (or also carmen). Clothes with such a neckline are very feminine and sexy, and in combination with a red dress, they are perfect for a romantic dinner on the seaside promenade. Necklines exposing the shoulders have many advantages - they beautifully expose and lengthen the neck, thus distracting attention from various imperfections of the figure. Also, if you have a few extra centimeters at your waist after the winter, a loose dress that exposes your shoulders will cover them perfectly.

Dresses made of lace fabric revealing the shoulders will be perfect for the upcoming summer festivals. Wondering what to bring to Open'er? The so-called dress lace dress, wellington boots and military parka;)

If you prefer more sporty solutions, choose cutouts on the shoulders, the so-called "cold shoulders". Lots of brands have sweatshirts, dresses and even shirts of this type in their collections.

Of course, it would be worth preparing for this trend. Here are some of our little tips:

1. Remember that exercise doesn't hurt. A few simple movements with dumbbells will make your arms look much better;)

2. The tanned body looks better. Of course, we do not persuade you to go to the solarium or lie in the sun for many hours, but it is worth catching some sun rays.

3. Avoid tanned "sleeves". Worse than not getting a tan is the one that shows everyone how many stripes your bathing suit has (even if you are not wearing it).

4. It does not hurt to use a little illuminating balm with shiny particles;)

We have prepared two proposals for you to expose your shoulders - for the gym (since we are talking about exercise;)) and for a date on a holiday evening.

Sport styling with our comfortable Cold Shoulder sweatshirt in light pink color will be perfect not only for yoga classes. You can choose a comfortable set whenever you have a busy day ahead and you want to feel comfortable. Of course, not all of us can afford to wear a tracksuit every day due to the dress code in the workplace. We are just lucky to dress as we want;)

However, if you are looking for something a bit more romantic, go for our ultra-feminine Scarlet slit dress. The airy chiffon from which it was sewn will flow beautifully during seaside walks, revealing gently tanned legs;) You can choose from several holiday prints and classic black.

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